Put-in-Bay bars & pubs are a highlight on South Bass Island in Ohio. No matter what your preferred drink is, you are bound to find it at one of the bars on the island!

Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grille

Mr Ed's Bar and Grille is a crowd favorite at Put-in-Bay.  This famous Put-in-Bay hotspot is not only one of the best places to grab a drink, it's also the new home of Cameo Pizza. Cameo offers their specialty pizzas, chicken wings and more out of Mr. Ed's kitchen. Diners can eat inside the bar, or opt for lunch on the outdoor patio.  So, at Mr Ed's Bar and Grille there are options for everybody.   The location of Mr. Ed's is ideal, on the main street of Put-in-Bay.  Furthermore, the Delaware Avenue block has the majority of the shops, restaurants and... More Information

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272 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Joe’s Bar & Restaurant

Joe's Bar and Restaurant is a local favorite hangout.  The atmosphere is inviting, putting patrons at ease.  Guests can expect to leave refreshed from Joe's. Finding the location is easy.  Joe's is located on the corner of Meechen Road and Catawba Avenue.  South Bass Island State Park is a short walk away.  The building is very distinguishable with a striking red exterior.  Moreover, the structure has a rich and lively history.  Previously, the space was used as a press house for grapes.  The wine making traditions of Put-in-Bay run deep.  Here, the Doller press house, was integral in the wine... More Information

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1400 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Green Room at Mr. Ed’s

The Green Room at Mr. Ed's is the premier spot for late night entertainment.  Dance the night away under the stars at this favorite rooftop bar.  Also, enjoy sweeping views of DeRivera Park and the downtown Put-in-Bay harbor.  Get with the beat, as the best DJ's in the area keep the scene jumping. Green Room Location The home bar of this great Put-in-Bay hot spot is Mr. Ed's Bar and Grille.  Mr. Ed's has an outstanding location on the main strip.  Furthermore, the majority of the best Put-in-Bay Attractions and Shopping options are a short walk away.  Also, the Jet... More Information

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300 Delaware Avenue, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, United States

MIST Pool Bar

MIST Pool Bar is the island's hottest wet spot!  Here, guests can immerse themselves in the beautiful setting.  The sounds of the waterfalls crashing sets the tone.  Swim right up for a hand crafted cocktail while enjoying the scene.  Weekends feature outstanding local DJ's spinning tunes.  The scene is electric!  Weekdays offer a more relaxed vibe, a respite from the hustle of daily life. Be sure to check the Entertainment Schedule, as great acts play on the pool deck throughout the season. MIST Pool Bar Location MIST is located behind Mr. Ed's Bar and Grill.  Mr. Ed's is situated in... More Information

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272 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Last Resort Engine Company

Welcome to Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Have you ever looked at a firetruck and thought to yourself "I'd love to have myself a beer in there?" Well look no further, because Last Resort Engine Company is the bar of your dreams! Last Resort Engine Company This awesome Put-in-Bay bar is literally a firetruck turned into a bar. The truck itself is a 1980's "LaFrance Pumper" and is actually still working condition despite its age. Although, now that its tank has been removed, it won't be fighting fires anytime soon. Another cool thing about the bar is the way they've been able to... More Information

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432 Catwaba Ave

Biergarten at the Boathouse

The Biergarten at the Boathouse is a new and great addition to the Put-in-Bay Bar Scene.  Here, guests can choose from a fine selection of German beers and food.  Order an authentic German bratwurst and wash it down with a stein of authentic brew.  Other food choices include Bavarian pretzels and savory potato cakes.  A comfortable outdoor seating area is in the rear, beckoning guests for relaxation. Biergarten at the Boathouse Location Downtown Put-in-Bay is home to the Biergarten.  Furthermore, this is the first pub guests will encounter upon disembarking the Jet Express.  So, for the quickest beverage off the... More Information

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194 Hartford Avenue, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, United States

Boardwalk Restaurant

The Boardwalk Restaurant has many tasty Put-in-Bay dining options.  Within the complex, there are a variety of food offerings.  Most notably, is their Lobster Bisque.  This restaurant is hailed as the Lobster Bisque Capital of Ohio. The Boardwalk has something for everyone. The waterfront location affords guests with expansive views of Lake Erie and the downtown docks.  Additionally, sweeping vistas of downtown Put-in-Bay are sure to inspire.  This building on the shore is very distinguishable. Boardwalk Restaurant- Dining Choices Galore! The Boardwalk Restaurant is comprised of several different eateries.  On the main deck there are three distinct eateries.  First, the... More Information

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341 Bayview Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, United States

Boathouse Restaurant

The Boathouse Bar and Grill on Put-in-Bay is ready to serve you.  They have been offering delectable meals and cold drinks for over 50 years.  Additionally, the Boathouse is the proud home of outstanding island entertainment.  Great eats and great bands is their motto and they certainly live up to it. The location is nothing short of prime.  Located in downtown Put-in-Bay on Hartford Avenue, the Boathouse is near all of the action.  Also, the Jet Express dock and downtown marina is just a short walk away.  So, this is a favorite among boaters due to the proximity to the... More Information

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218 Hartford Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, United States

The Fish Bowl

The Fish Bowl on Put-in-Bay is a favored hangout among visitors.  The building was extensively renovated, providing guests with a comfortable and cozy environment.  Moreover, the expanded deck on South side of the building affords wondrous views of downtown Put-in-Bay. Mossbacks is directly next to the Fishbowl.  The Valentine Doller building is home to both of these establishments.  Valentine Doller is a past resident of Put-in-Bay who came to the island in the mid 1800's.  Moreover, during his time on the island he held many positions.  Surprisingly, he was the first postmaster, the clerk of courts, a founding trustee of... More Information

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371 Northwest Catawba Road, Put-in-Bay, OH, United States

The Goat Soup & Whiskey

The Goat Soup & Whiskey on Put-in-Bay is a choice eatery and pub.  Priding themselves on fresh and local ingredients, this is a must visit location.  The scratch made soups and carefully crafted cocktails are just a portion of the fabulous offerings. So, stop in and see what the buzz is about. Goat Soup and Whiskey Location The Goat is on Catawba Road between Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church and Heineman's Winery.  This location is less than one half mile to downtown Put-in-Bay.  Also, surrounding this property is the beautiful Coopers Woods. Coopers Woods is a tract of wooded land... More Information

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820 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, United States

After a long day of visiting all the Put-in-Bay bars & pubs and maybe even a pool bar (swim-up bar) or tiki bar, some rest will be in order. Reserving a Put-in-Bay Cabin or a Put-in-Bay resort or hotel is a great respite.  Here, the comforts of home beckon guests to relax and unwind.  So, set the watches to island time and watch the worries fade away. Besides, with so much to do on the island, you may want to spend an extra night so you can get the full island experience! Make sure you book fast because bay lodging on the weekends tends to fill up fast in the summer. The sooner you book, the sooner you can get on a Put in Bay ferry!

Just make sure you’ve got someone sober to drive your golf cart home! So make the drive from Cleveland, get on a Put-in-Bay ferry, find a rental home, condo, or hotel room depending on how big your group is, and put an island in your life! You can’t go wrong in the Lake Erie Islands! Even Admiral Perry said so!

Put in Bay mossbacks

Put-in-Bay Bars & Pubs to Enjoy

The party isn’t over when the sun goes down on South Bass Island. In fact, some of the coolest things (literally!) happen once the sun starts setting. So grab your pals and head out to experience Put-in-Bay after dark! The downtown Put-in-Bay bars, and especially at The Keys, have icy concoctions available in every flavor and color which may seem tough to choose from at first, but once you’ve sampled and mixed them, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

On the other side of the bay is Rita’s Cantina, a laid-back restaurant, and bar with tacos that is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Grab a seat on the roof deck and raise your glass at their nightly sunset cannon blast. You will find all sorts of other bars & pubs in the Boardwalk complex as well.

Across the park is Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille, the perfect place to catch a game, enjoy some easygoing conversation or listen to local musicians strum the night away. Hang out at the beach bar and sip a tasty daiquiri or a cold beer at the quaint straw hut bar and soak up the scenery of Mojito Bay. Further uptown at the Reel Bar, karaoke, neon lights, and hip music make the atmosphere one for partygoers of all kinds. If dancing isn’t your scene, perhaps good old-fashioned Keno is!

There four major roads on the island you need know. First is Langram Road. This road will take you all the way from Miller Ferry, past Put-in-Bay Airport, to downtown Put-in-Bay! Next is Catawba Avenue. Catawba Ave runs parallel to Langram. It will take you from the state park to downtown. Next you have Delaware Avenue. This road connects Catawba and Langram and is the hotspot of the island’s nightlife. You can find the Put-in-Bay Brewery & Distillery at the corner of Delaware and Catawba Ave. Lastly you have Bayview Ave. This road runs parallel to Delaware and also connects Catawba Ave and Langram Rd. As you drive down this road you will see the boat docks as well as a beautiful view of the sunset!

From Work to Play – Bars & Pubs

South Bass Island is home to dozens of privately-owned bars, pubs and restaurants serving up seafood, American, island cuisine, southern favorites, and even exotic, eclectic fare. You’ll find that this is the kind of town where tourists and locals alike ditch the heels and Dockers in favor of flip-flops and topsiders and enjoy their meals in some of the most laid-back waterside restaurant bars around. So put on that swimsuit, enjoy a day in the sun and pools but don’t forget to bring your appetite! Your mouth will be watering as you take a look through our Put-in-Bay bars and restaurants and find just the right spot for you and the family to savor a meal that is just right!

While a day on South Bass Island consists of fun and sun, a bit of adventure, and a lot of relaxing, it is no surprise that the island’s carefree atmosphere combined with tropical scenery creates some great night vibes for a sunset toast at one of our bayside or downtown bars, or an energetic evening at one of the island’s hot nightclubs. If you are looking for the perfect place to grab drink specials and happy hour, try your hand at karaoke, cheer on your favorite team at a sports bar, enjoy a night of live music at a waterfront bar, or dance the night away at a dance club, there is something for everyone in Put-in-Bay.

You will not find better pool bars anywhere in Ohio. From the Mist Pool Bar to Put-in-Bay Resort pool bar, all swim up bars will be packed all summer long. Most pool bars even host special events on Fridays and Saturdays. This makes South Bass Island the ideal weekend getaway for you and your friends. Just because the sun goes down does not mean the party is over either. Go back to your hotel room or vacation rental and take a power nap because your day is just getting started! Grab a bite at any of Put-in-Bays phenomenal restaurants before starting round two of your day. Once you have satisfied your hunger, it is time to head to the bars. We recommend heading downtown where you will the best bars on the island. The best thing about downtown is all bars are within walking distance of each other. So you do not need to drive your golf cart or take a taxi once you are downtown. Also once you are all partied out finding a ride back to your room, house or condo is easy! Simply walk outside and you will see multiple taxis roaming downtown waiting to give you a ride.

Put in Bay Rita's Cantina

Other Great Put-in-Bay Restaurants, Bars & Pubs

  • Swipe Right Pizza (BRAND NEW)

  • Hooligans Irish Pub

  • Fishbowl (island bar)

  • Joe’s Bar (next door dive bar)

  • Hooligans Irish Bar

  • The Round House Bar (live entertainment)

  • Frosty Bar

  • Margaritas on the Rocks (appetizers)

  • The Boathouse Bar (nightlife)

  • The Fish Bowl

  • Biergarten (outdoor seating)

  • The Goat Soup & Whiskey (walleye)

  • Topsy Turvey (Caribbean)

  • Cameo Pizza

  • Mossbacks (great food)

  • Big Mans Burrito Stand

  • Boardwalk (lobster bisque)

  • DJ’s (Ice Cream)

Google Bars & Pubs

If you want to check out how many great spots there are, just Google “Put-in-Bay Bars & Pubs” on your Samsung or iDevice and watch the listings come down. Or you can just use the address of Put-in-Bay, OH 43456. Most of the best bars & pubs are located on Delaware Ave around DeRivera Park in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay Ohio.

Biergarten at the Boathouse

Silly Ohio Drinking & Other Laws

The maintainers of PutInBayOnline.com want to make sure you are safe and within the law, while visiting our island, so please remember the following advice while drinking, as it is THE LAW!…

  • Ohio state law prohibits getting a fish drunk. So avoid doing so at your next boating outing

  • In Oxford, OH, it’s against the law for a woman to take off her clothing in the presence of a man’s picture.

  • In Bexley, OH, Ordinance number 223, of 09/09/19 prohibits the installation and usage of slot machines in outhouses.

  • If you ignore an orator on Decoration day to such an extent as to publicly play croquet or pitch horseshoes within one mile of the speaker’s stand, you can be fined $25.00.

  • In Cleveland, OH, women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes.

  • In the State of Ohio, it is illegal to set a fire under your mule.

  • A hunting license is required for anyone who plans on catching mice.

  • It is illegal to run your horse over five mph. Ride Mr. Ed at a safe speed (and please, do not attempt to ride the real Mr. Ed, purveyor of Put-in-Bay hotspot Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grille, as he probably would not appreciate it!!!).

  • The Ohio constitution bans idiots from voting (back when the Ohio constitution was written in 1802, the mentally ill were referred to as idiots rather than the more politically correct terms used today. So, it was written in the constitution that idiots were banned from voting. However, such provisions did not apply to those running for office, so it’s possible to elect an idiot into office.).

  • Standing on the roof of a moving taxi cab is strictly prohibited.

  • You must obtain permission from the park superintendent before playing a game of leapfrog with your best friend.