put in bay pyrate fest

Pyrates invade Put-in-Bay’s downtown harbor for over 10 years in a row on Friday at 4:00 PM to open the Annual Put-in-Bay Pyrate Fest. Saturday is a fun-packed day for the kids and adults alike with a Pirate Parade wandering around the park downtown and a Costume Contest for both kids and adults. The best adult costume wins a trip to the Cayman Islands!

There is a Pyrate marketplace and displays, a kid’s fun fest and black powder firing demonstrations every day during the event. Downtown Put-in-Bay is booming! Tuesday evening wraps up the event with the infamous Cardboard Boat Races at 6:00 PM in the downtown harbor. Discover many fun pirate events such as reenactors demonstrating sword fighting techniques and the art of skulduggery. Kids can practice with foam swords too! Visit Put-in-Bay for a pirate experience!

Pyrate Sign     Fire Eating

Annual Put-in-Bay Pyrate Fest News

For over 10 years in a row, Pyrate Fest attendeed invade Put-in-Bay’s downtown harbor on Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM to open the Put-in-Bay Pyrate Fest. They come in by ship and the island defenders try to fight them off with swords and cannons, but usually the pirates make their way to land. Grab your swashbuckler, wooden leg, eyepatch, and your pet parrot, because you’re going to need them this weekend.

Saturday is an exciting day for both kids and adults with a load full of fun activities. Make sure you don’t miss the Pirate Parade that marches through downtown Put-in-Bay and the popular “Best Pirate Costume” Contest on the waters of Lake Erie. Adults and children are both encouraged to participate in this fun and historic Put-in-Bay Ohio summer weekend. In addition, the person with the best adult pirate costume, as judged by the visiting Cayman representatives, wins a trip to the Cayman Islands! It sounds like a good reason to fress up!

Pyrate RIchard

Join the pirates in downtown Put-in-Bay Ohio’s DeRivera Park and prepare to relive the Pirate Fest era. On Friday evening, authentic pirates invade the downtown Put-in-Bay harbor amidst the docks and boats to hoist the Pirate Flag and search and recover their stolen treasure. This family-friendly event re-enacts history with hourly cannon firing demonstrations, fun parades, educational events and the best part of all? It is a free event! Just relax and watch the skullduggery! The event starts at 4:00 PM on Friday and runs through Sunday at 6:00 PM.

Pyrate Fest Schedule of Events!

The Pirate marketplace and art display will be set up in DeRivera Park and will also be host to a kid’s fun fest. Through the day there will be hourly black powder firing demonstrations in the park. Kids learn to swordfight with foam swords.

Pyrate Fair    Cannon Firing

Each day of the event there will be multiple activities, performances, and of course lots of fun to be had. Tuesday evening will officially conclude the event with the infamous Cardboard Boat Races at 6:00 PM in the downtown harbor off of the boat ramp. You’ll be sure to have a great time participating in pirate fest with all of the themed events throughout the festival weekend. Watch as scurvy bearded pirates demonstrate sword fighting techniques, as well as the art of skulduggery. The kids in your group will have the chance to practice with foam swords also!

Put-in-Bay’s downtown DeRivera Park is home to most of the summer activities sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Here, the pirate encampment will enchant and entertain all. Catch a glimpse of the past with pirates and more carousing about the island. Book your Put-in-Bay lodging for the weekend before it sells out!