There’s no shortage of things to do on land at Put-in-Bay, but let’s be honest. If you plan a vacation to an island, you certainly want to enjoy some of what its surrounding waters have to offer. At Put-in-Bay, we know this, and we’ve got every water activity imaginable available for you to enjoy. Whip around on a jetski, paddle through the harbor on a kayak, or sail high above the water on a parasail! You can do all these things and more, just read on to find out how!

Kayak The Bay

kayak the bay

Kayak the Bay is a watercraft rental service on Put-In-Bay.  Here, guests can rent watercraft and see incredible views of downtown Put-In-Bay.  Also, incredible vistas of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is visible from the water.

Kayak the Bay Location

The location of this activity is on Bayview Avenue, near Oak Point State Park.  So, just head North down Catawba Avenue and turn left at the Boardwalk Restaurant.  After passing the Put-In-Bay Winery, Crew’s Nest and Miller Marina, the kayaks are just around the corner.

There are both sit in and sit atop kayaks available for rental.  Also, the company has a large number of vessels, so groups are welcome and encouraged to take part.  They will even setup a guided tour.  This will ensure your group will get the most of the experience.  Furthermore, the guides will point out areas of interest during the paddle.  There are many beautiful sights to see from the perspective of Lake Erie.  The limestone cliffs of Gibraltar Island are sure to delight.  The Ohio State University owns this island.  Here, they conduct freshwater research that aids in preserving the Great Lakes for future generations. read more

Quick Info:
771-859 Bayview Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Put-in-Bay Parasailing

Put-in-Bay Parasail

Put-In-Bay Parasailing offers the most unique view of Put-In-Bay.  Let them strap you in for a ride you won’t soon forget.  Rise way above Lake Erie for stunning views of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.  Also, take in the incredible views of downtown Put-In-Bay.

Put-In-Bay Parasailing Location

This operation is based out of the Boardwalk Restaurant complex.  The Boardwalk is located on Bayview Avenue.  This is just a couple of blocks from the Jet Express terminal.  Near the front entrance, a Put-In-Bay Parasail representative can be found.  Furthermore, after making arrangements with them, the boat leaves off the Boardwalk dock. read more

Quick Info:
449 Bayview Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Put-in-Bay Watercraft

put-in-bay watercraft rentals

Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rental is an awesome way to get active on Lake Erie.  Here, guests have options on watercraft to rent.  There are jet skis, boats and kayaks available.  Put yourself on the water for a memorable experience.

Put-in-Bay Watercraft Location

This great Put-in-Bay Attraction is located next to South Bass Island State Park.  This state park has several great features and amenities.  This includes a children’s plaground, picnic tables, pavilions and a bathing beach.  Catawba Avenue dead ends on the South Side of the island at this location.  Also, Joe’s Bar is just a short distance away by Put-in-Bay Golf Cart. read more

Quick Info:
1500 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Put-in-Bay Yacht Club

put in bay yacht club

The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is a private social organization that promotes boating on the island.  This includes sailing, power boating and all aquatic sports.  So, this is the group for those who love Lake Erie.

Put-in-Bay Yacht Club History

This yacht club is one of the oldest on Lake Erie.  Originally, the club began as the Put-in-Bay Yachting Association on February 13, 1886.  The first commodore was Valentine Doller.  The main intent of forming the club was to further promote the Inter Lake Yachting Association, or ILYA.  Each summer the ILYA holds regattas for both adults and children.  So, Put-in-Bay businessmen formed the club.  Initially, meetings were at various boat houses.  Then, in 1923 the club gained their first clubhouse.  The former owner of the Bay View House, Jack J. Day, sold the current day property to the association.  Soon, the club built the first club house.  Additionally, social events flourished with the new pavilion.  Also, the club once had a large dock.  However, the rising waters and winter ice destroyed it over time. read more

Quick Info:
520-562 Bayview Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Lake Erie: The Life Force of Put-in-Bay

There’s plenty of things to do at Put-in-Bay for all you landlubbers. But if the weather is cooperative, an entire new place to have fun opens up, our beautiful Lake Erie. There are so many different ways to enjoy the lake, it’s Put-in-Bay’s greatest resource!

Kayaking Put-in-Bay’s Water Trails

For a nice relaxing way to add Lake Erie into your vacation, you can rent a kayak. You can row your way around the island with ease, checking out Put-in-Bay’s famous landmarks from the water. There are even water trails, routes around the island that are designed to maximize the beauty that you experience. This is a great calm activity for one or more.

The Best Jet Skiing in Ohio

But maybe a kayak is a little slow for your tastes. Don’t worry, Put-in-Bay has still got you covered. There are multiple places to rent jet skis at South Bass Island so you can whip around Lake Erie with your friends. You will see hundreds of like-minded people out there using the jet skis they rented, or maybe bought and hauled over from the mainland. Spray your buddies with water and do some fishtails! Just make sure you’re sober!

See Put-in-Bay A Whole New Way

You can even use the lake as a way to soar through the skies! Put-in-Bay parasail will take you hundreds of feet above Lake Erie attached to a speedboat. You can enjoy a whole new perspective of Put-in-Bay from high above the island. This is the best view of the island that you can get without an airplane!

Fish the World’s Walleye Capital!

But the water activity most frequently undertaken on Lake Erie is fishing. The waters around Lake Erie are famous for yielding trout and bass, but most famously walleye. The waters around Put-in-Bay are considered the Walleye Capital of the World! They have a higher volume of walleye than any other waters in the world. So you’ve got good odds of landing the big one!

What Are You Waiting For?

Put-in-Bay is the kind of place that can be enjoyed by everyone in any weather. But if it’s warm or sunny out, a whole new world of opportunities open up for your island getaway. So book a Put-in-Bay vacation rental for your preferred dates, then cross your fingers and hope for some nice weather so that you can enjoy Lake Erie and experience a Put-in-Bay vacation to the fullest. Rain rain go away!