While it may seem contradictory, Put-in-Bay is just as famous for its quiet, secluded getaways as it is for its nightlife. This is because of the many Put-in-Bay bed and breakfasts spread out across the island. This is an entirely different way to experience a Put-in-Bay vacation. These spots aren’t going to be in a hectic downtown location; rather, you’ll be a guest in calm, wooded areas in cozy lodging. Of course, you can enjoy some Put-in-Bay bars if you’d like to, but you don’t have to, you can have an incredible relaxing vacation at one of our B&B’s!

A Place at the Bay Rental House

A Place at the Bay

A Place at the Bay

A Place at the Bay is a private Put-in-Bay lodging option for up to 12 guests. CHECK AVAILABILITY! Renting a Put In Bay Cabin is perfect for a group. The outdoor area of the home is flanked by a lovely wooded area, setting a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, the rear of the property abuts Saunders Golf Course. This Put in Bay vacation home is located on Jeris Lane, across the street from the Island Club.

The set up inside A Place at the Bay is very accommodating for a large group. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Also, a large combined living and dining area is adjacent to the kitchen. Furthermore, the kitchen is stocked with everything needed to prepare, cook and serve a meal. Most importantly, the savings gained from cooking a few meals on a Put-in-Bay trip can be tremendous. read more

Quick Info:
1589 Put-In-Bay Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

High Demand For Put-in-Bay Lodging

There may not be a tunnel to Put-in-Bay, as an April Fool’s joke or two have claimed, but Put-in-Bay, Ohio, welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The Put-in-Bay ferries are full every trip on a summer weekend, and all those people need a place to stay! We have many hotels on the island for you to review, and are also famous for our group lodging and VRBO Put-in-Bay options, but even that isn’t enough room sometimes for all of the people who flood to our 3 square mile island on some summer weekends.

Put-in-Bay Bed and Breakfasts

That’s where bed and breakfasts come in. If you want something more personable and friendly than a Put-in-Bay resort, then you are in luck. Put-in-Bay bed and breakfasts are all over the island and each one is an individual unique boutique property that may have availability for your dates. They don’t all serve breakfast, though some do. But what they all do is provide a charming, customer-centric experience detached from the hustle and bustle of downtown Put-in-Bay. The Put-in-Bay hotels would love to provide this personal touch, but they serve so many customers over the season it’s kind of hard. This isn’t an issue for these small properties, which makes them an interesting alternative to the typical hotel stay.

The Put-in-Bay Experience

But don’t discount the hotel stay either, and definitely don’t discount a home or condo rental, which at a group rate can be a great value. The place you stay on your vacation is more than just the place you lay your head. It can be the difference between a great vacation and a terrible one. The providers on this website, from the big hotels to the small individual properties, are committed to creating a great experience for their guests. So make sure you book lodging that will make your Put-in-Bay experience special!

Put-in-Bay Things to Do

And your Put-in-Bay experience will be special, because the island is overflowing with great times for you and your family or friends. You can enjoy people watching downtown, rent a golf cart, check out our incredible green spaces, tour wineries and underground caves, and partake in some of Put-in-Bay’s famous nightlife. You can rent jetskis and boats and paddleboards and kayaks, or get out on a fishing charter and catch all the Walleye you could ever dream of. If you don’t want to catch walleye then you can try some at some of our Put-in-Bay restaurants. You’ve just got to pick a place to stay and get to the Bay!

Book a Put-in-Bay Getaway Today!

If you want to take away one thing from reading this, it should be that there’s no shortage of lodging options at Put-in-Bay. Whatever you have in mind, from a large hotel in the heart of the action to a boutique Airbnb Put-in-Bay style, you will be able to find what you are looking for. You can even check out a Put-in-Bay campground if you like. But why do that when there are so many great lodging options to fill your needs? So why wait? Plan your Put-in-Bay vacation now! Just don’t expect to get here in a Put-in-Bay tunnel! The sooner you book, the sooner you can take a Put-in-Bay ferry across Lake Erie to the island!