Put-in-Bay has many events and surprises all summer and we post this information to our blog. Be sure to stay up to date on all things Put-in-Bay as you prepare for your summer vacation or even just checking in over the winter. We strive to provide monthly updates of important island information, and sometimes just plain fun articles as well.

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Things To Do at Put-in-Bay 23 Nov, 20

The Top 10 Kid-Friendly Things to Do at Put-in-Bay While Put-in-Bay is known for its nightlife and party scene on the weekend, the mid-week island vibe is incredibly kid-friendly.  Bringing your kids up to Put-in-Bay could be the affordable getaway your family has been dreaming of.  There are so many family-friendly memories to be made…

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Garlic Mustard, Pulled! – June 2021 PIB Gazette 15 Jun, 20

Garlic Mustard, Pulled!   The City of Green near Akron, Ohio issued a challenge as to which community can pull the most garlic mustard in a day! Put-in-Bay accepted the challenge and had a great group of volunteers who showed up to help us meet it! Brendan Morgan of EnviroScience rallied the PIB volunteers at…

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June 2021 This & That – PIB Gazette 03 Jun, 21

This & That USA TODAY recently listed Put-in-Bay in their “10 Best Island Escapes You Can Drive To” post on the Internet. Put-in-Bay School’s science teacher Missi Kowalski has two young goats she’s raising at her home on East Point. Chris and Joy Cooper recently installed an 85-foot long zip line for their kids that…

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May 2021 This & That – PIB Gazette 14 May, 21

This & That Our April issue might have had some misleading stories in it. One of them was the announcement of the addition of drag racing at the Put-in-Bay Airport during this year’s Road Race Reunion. Rest assured, there will be no drag racing at this year’s races or at any Road Race Reunion event…

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Catch the Live Broadcast – May 2021 PIB Gazette 07 May, 21

Catch the Live Broadcast Rudy & the Island Girl, the popular WPIB Radio digital radio station, will be broadcasting live from Das Lokal Biergarten at the Goat Soup & Whiskey on Friday evening, May 28th, starting at 6 p.m. Islanders Rudy Cooks and Christie Ontko have been streaming their show late on Friday afternoons for…

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The Garlic Mustard Pull Challenge – May 2021 PIB Gazette 01 May, 21

We Have Met the Enemy, and it is Garlic Mustard! Don’t Give Up the Pick! The Garlic Mustard Pull Challenge The city of Green near Akron, Ohio has issued us a challenge as to which community can pull the most garlic mustard in a day! We have accepted the challenge, but need your help and…

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Plant and Tree Sale & Arbor Day – PIB Gazette 15 Apr, 21

LEIC Native Plant & Tree Sale The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy (LEIC) is now taking orders for native trees and plants for the islands. We are using Riverside Native Trees and Natives in Harmony for our native tree and plant sale. Buying and planting native trees and shrubs is a great way to provide quality…

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April 2021 This & That – PIB Gazette 02 Apr, 21

This & That If you’re planning ahead, you might be interested to know that the dates for the Put-in-Bay Community Swim Sail programs for kids 4 to 18 this summer are June 14th through July 16th. More info to follow. Work on the seawall project at Perry’s Monument is now scheduled to start after Labor…

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Please Protect Our Preserves – Keep Your Pet On A Leash! – PIB Gazette 15 Mar, 21

Please Protect Our Preserves – Keep Your Pet On A Leash! Our Put-in-Bay Township Park District Preserves are posted that dogs must be on a leash to be in the preserve. Jane Coates Wildflower Preserve is posted “No Pets” by the wishes of one of the donors to the Preserve. All of our preserves were…

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March 2021 This & That – PIB Gazette 06 Mar, 21

This & That One of the new events at Put-in-Bay Yacht Club this season is a Mayfly Festival. Watch for details soon! Did you know that the estimated number of walleye in Lake Erie this year is 151,000,000? If you spend your time ice fishing and haven’t gotten one yet, maybe you should find another…

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February 2021 This & That – PIB Gazette 04 Feb, 21

This & That If you’re wondering about all the open water this winter, you’re not alone. According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory the Great Lakes just set a record for lack of ice at only 3.9% coverage. The previous record low as 5% back in 2002. The average cover is 53%. According to…

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Put-in-Bay, Ohio is the Key West of the North to many so our blogs often relate to islands, lakes, travel, entertainment, and local happenings. We welcome guest blog content and would love to have you send us your ideas or articles for review and possible submission as a Put-in-Bay Online Blogpost!

Quick Put-in-Bay Things To Do

Kids, adults, and seniors alike will find their own special attractions on South Bass Island. One of the best parts of it all is that all the attractions are located on an island! Some say one of the best attractions is riding the Put-in-Bay ferry boat that travels across Lake Erie (we’ve blogged about it!). Families and groups love the freedom to rent a Put-in-Bay golf cart during their visit and cruise the island attractions at their own leisurely pace. Put-in-Bay is one of the few places where you can drive a golf cart legally on the road just like a car! If you are not interested in a golf cart rental, our Put-in-Bay taxis are a great alternative to get around.

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