The Jet Express and Miller Ferries will resume regular service in 2021. 2020 schedules are below.

Miller Boat Line Put-in-Bay Schedule

Miller Boat Line Put-in-Bay Schedule

Jet Express Schedule for Put-in-Bay

Jet Express Schedule for Put-in-Bay

Ferry Service is the lifeblood of South Bass Island, aka Put-in-Bay. The ferries run all year round except when it is too dangerous due to winter ice. The ferries transport materials, postal mail, UPS and FedEx, vehicles, construction equipment, and most importantly… our Put-in-Bay visitors!

Take a ride and start your adventure on Put-in-Bay because the ride over is just the start of the fun!

Miller Ferry to Put in Bay

The Miller Ferry is on their full summer schedule. If you do visit Put-in-Bay, please remember the motto “Our Home to Your Home”. Follow all government and CDC guidelines in regard to 6-foot social distancing, washing your hands often, avoiding shared surfaces as much as possible, etc. Be safe!   The Miller Boat Line Ferry Service The Miller…

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5174 East Water Street, Port Clinton, OH. 43452

Jet Express to Put in Bay

Travel to Put-in-Bay in quickly and smoothly with Jet Express Ferry. The best ferry service to the island, the Jet Express offers high speed travel directly to the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. They also provide the only late night ferry service on the island so you can take in all the things to do in…

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#3 North Monroe St., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

Sonny-S Boat Line

For guests wanting to explore more of the Lake Erie Islands, board the Sonny-S Ferry to Middle Bass Island. The ferry leaves downtown Put-in-Bay from the Boardwalk dock and lands on Middle Bass at the same terminal as the Miller Ferry. Many tourists take the Jet Express ferry boat from Port Clinton Ohio because it…

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341 Bayview Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456

Miller Ferries to Put in Bay

The Miller Boat Line Ferry Service is a convenient way to travel to the island. When traveling across Lake Erie to destinations such as Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass Island, or the other Lake Erie Islands, the Miller Ferry provides great service to its guests with exceptional views. Conveniently located in Port Clinton, Ohio, The Miller Ferry is a short boat trip to the islands and has the lowest fares. The Miller Boat Line will transport guests aboard the ferry via car, bike, or walk-ons and departs from the northern point of Catawba Island.

The Miller Ferry makes frequent trips from Catawba Island (mainland) to the Lake Erie Islands during the spring, summer, and fall months. Guests can purchase round trip tickets at the gate. The address for the Miller Ferry Boat Line is 5174 E Water St Port Clinton, OH. Guests can find free parking within walking distance of the Miller Ferry or bring their car to the island. On busy summer weekends, we recommend parking vehicles in the mainland lot to reduce wait times to bring your car to the island. Once you arrive on the island, a taxi service is available to bring guests downtown or to their Put-in-Bay lodging destination by calling 419-285-5466.

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  • 5174 East Water Street, Port Clinton, OH. 43452419-285-2421   Visit Website     Read More
  • Free and paid parking is available within walking distance of the Miller Ferry.
  • Miller ferries run every half hour during operational times
  • Does not offer late-night service

Jet Express Ferries to Put in Bay

Travel to Put-in-Bay in quickly and smoothly with Jet Express Ferry. The best ferry service to the island, the Jet Express offers high-speed travel directly to the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. They also provide the only late-night ferry service on the island so you can take in all the things to do in Put-in-Bay. Need a Put-In-Bay Taxi from the Jet Express?  Call 419-285-5466. The Jet Express Ferry Details The ferry is designed exclusively for passenger service.

The Jet Express delivers guests to the heart of Downtown Put-in-Bay, which is the center of the fun! Whether you’re taking a day trip for a day or staying on the island for one of the many island events or staying a few nights in one of the hotels & resorts, the Jet Express is a luxurious way to travel. Feel free to ask the crew about any of the Put-in-Bay attractions, state park, or where to find the best Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals.

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  • #3 North Monroe St., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452419-285-5466     Visit Website
  • Jet Express is the only ferry to offer late-night service
  • Passenger Ferry only
  • Ferry service to Cedar Point available


For guests wanting to explore more of the Lake Erie Islands, board the Sonny S Ferry to Middle Bass Island. Here, guests can tour the grounds of the recently improved State of Ohio Park. The remains of Lonz Winery have been converted into a place that can be toured. The park is on prime land with Lake Erie Frontage. Also, on the island guests can head to one of the two watering holes, Hazards and JF Walleyes. Both serve up delicious island cocktails and entrees! Add this to your to-do list when you visit Middle Bass Island, you won’t be disappointed!

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You may have questions about the ferry service. We have the answers!


David A: “This is a fantastic way to get to Put in Bay or other nearby Islands. The staff is always very professional. The service is great. The scenery well on this boat is awesome and it’s a very comfortable and safe ride. I have used this service multiple times when I don’t have my boat with me. I recommend this place to everyone.”

Nina C: “My family and I (ages 2-60 years) rode the Jet Express Ferry just yesterday. We absolutely loved it! Easy on/easy off, and we got to exchange our tickets for a later time, because our dinner time ran over. Very clean and well kept! Also, I liked having the choice of which deck we would sit on (our choice of sun or shade). I would love to go back again!”

Kristi F: “I took my 3 month old on the Jet Express yesterday morning at 10:15. The line went fast to purchase the tickets and line was smooth to get on the boat. It was great! On the way back a male worker came over, sat with me and talked to my 3 month old daughter, she was getting a little fussy. He talked to her and she ended up smiling and laughing! I appreciated that so much!”

Tonya P: “First time taking the grand kids and they loved the boat ride. We got the package deal that included the boat ride and golf cart rental for the day. It was the perfect visit, everyone had a great time and it was a beautiful ride to the island.”