Experience Put-in-Bay Virtually with Our Webcams

Discover the charm of Put-in-Bay from anywhere with our live webcams! Strategically placed at the island’s most captivating locations, these webcams offer real-time glimpses into the vibrant life of Put-in-Bay. Whether you’re using a computer or phone, get a sneak peek of the island’s beauty. Our expanding network of webcams aims to bring Put-in-Bay’s unique atmosphere right to you. Let these virtual views push you into planning a visit to experience the island’s magic in person. Explore Put-in-Bay online and see for yourself why it’s a must-visit destination!

Boardwalk Lobster Bisque Cam

Sunset Monument Cam (West)

Mr Ed's "Hi Mom" Bar Cam

Put-in-Bay Condos Cam

Benson Ford Ship House Cam

Sunrise Monument Cam (East)

Discover Put-in-Bay Virtually: A 24/7 Island Experience

Welcome to our exclusive Put-in-Bay webcams, offering you a continuous, live glimpse into the beauty and vibrancy of South Bass Island. Whether it’s the winter landscape or the bustling summer vibes, our webcams, operational throughout the year, provide a panoramic view of the island in every season.

Winter Wonders and Spring Surprises

Curious about Put-in-Bay during the off-season? Our Benson Ford Ship House Cam showcases the stunning transformation of Lake Erie shores in winter. Watch as the icy waters create a mesmerizing scene, and witness the spring thaw bringing life back to the Put-in-Bay harbor through our “Lobster Bisque” cam at The Boardwalk.

A Virtual Summer Tour

Envision a summer getaway right from your home. Start your virtual journey with the Miller Ferry entering from Catawba Island, captured by our Put-in-Bay Condos cam. This webcam offers not only views of Kelleys Island, Cedar Point, and Sandusky but on a clear day, hints of Cleveland in the distance. Explore Put-in-Bay’s dynamic nightlife through our Mr. Ed’s “Hi Mom!” cam, providing HD views of the downtown strip and golf carts cruising along.

Lake Erie’s Best Webcams

Our webcams offer an extensive array of sights – from the Jet Express’ downtown dock to Middle Bass Island, the towering Perry’s monument, and the academic hub of OSU Stone Lab. Watch the Miller Boat Line’s ferries journey to and from Port Clinton, and catch the excitement of visitors enjoying downtown from Put-in-Bay hotels and resorts. Special events like PyrateFest in DeRivera Park come to life through these lenses.

Plan Your Real Visit

While our webcams offer a spectacular virtual experience, nothing compares to the real magic of Put-in-Bay. It’s time to plan your visit! Explore our recommended Put-in-Bay lodging options and immerse yourself in island traditions like navigating on Put-in-Bay golf carts. The Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Center is a local favorite for an authentic island experience.

Awaiting Your Arrival

Our webcams are just a teaser to the full, vibrant life of Put-in-Bay. From historical sites to natural wonders, and lively downtown to tranquil hideaways, the island is a mosaic of experiences. So, pack your bags and get ready to create unforgettable memories at Put-in-Bay this year. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Bay!