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This & That

The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society’s golf cart tour of North Bass this month had to be canceled.

Put-in-Bay has certainly been an interesting place this spring especially for those who skygaze. In April we had the full eclipse, followed a few days later by a spectacular double rainbow, and for a couple of nights in May the Northern Lights were visible. And best of all we still have the swarms of mayflies in the sky to look forward to the coming weeks.

This year’s PIB High School graduating seniors, Joe Blumensaadt, Hope Cooks, Emil Michael, Lyla Steidl, Alora Hubner and El Kostura started kindergarten here on the island together.

The Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center will be open everyday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. starting in June. Renee Fultz tells us she has enough staff this season so they are opening on Sundays to see how that works out.

We’re glad to see Joe’s Bar open after that pickup truck plowed into the building this past winter.

If you have extra perennials you are splitting up, consider the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society. They are looking for some extra plants this year. Bring them to the LEIHS Museum or contact Kendra Koehler at (419) 341-2725. They are putting in some natives also!

It’s hard to believe, but the Chocolate Cafe at the Goat is celebrating its 20th anniversary of being in business on the island. Owner Chris Smith can’t believe how time flies.

Put-in-Bay’s K-9 Officer, Storm, is going to be seen on some billboards on the mainland along with PIBPD Chief James Kimble, Darrell Long from the PIB EMS, and Storm’s handler, Gary Alred, from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.

Susie Cooper has been working on a project that documents the history of old island homes and who lived in them.

We have a rare “correction” to make from an article in last months’s Gazette. We had the Ottawa County Top 10 Awards ceremony happening on May 18th, but it should have said April 18th. We can’t always be poifect.

Instead of passing out tickets to those who run the new stop sign out by Joe’s Bar, police should hand out stickers to those that stop that say “I Stopped.”

In retrospect, we wish that the northern lights would have appeared the same time as the eclipse.

We’re still waiting to see if a location on the island has been for those who play pickleball.

Talk about waiting to hear, we still haven’t heard about any new replacement for the Superintendent at Perry’s Monument.

We liked Larry Engel’s comment on Facebook asking if the new government-funded terminal at the PIB Airport will have moving sidewalks.

On the Juneteenth holiday, Thursday, June 19th, there will be no charge to go to the top of the Monument.

Check out the new “selfie stand” volunteers put at the Put-in-Bay sign at the South Bass Island State Park. There will be no more needing to find someone to take your picture for you, just prop your phone up, set your timer and capture your fun island memory!

Did you know the islands’ American Legion Post, Scheible-Downing Post 542, has about 85 members and is always looking for more?

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