Put-in-Bay Bar

Welcome to Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Have you ever looked at a firetruck and thought to yourself “I’d love to have myself a beer in there?” Well look no further, because Last Resort Engine Company is the bar of your dreams!

Last Resort Engine Company

Put-in-Bay Bar

This awesome Put-in-Bay bar is literally a firetruck turned into a bar. The truck itself is a 1980’s “LaFrance Pumper” and is actually still working condition despite its age. Although, now that its tank has been removed, it won’t be fighting fires anytime soon.

Another cool thing about the bar is the way they’ve been able to re purpose real firefighter gear in very creative ways. Some examples are how they turned used fire extinguishers into stools, incorporated used ladders into the awning, and used firefighter helmets lining the top. In fact, one of the helmets was actually used by the NYFD during the horrific 9/11 attacks.

On a brighter note, this bar is tons of fun. You’ll just never see another one like it! Merchandise is available to remember the time you had in several different designs, colors, and styles. Did we mention it’s owned by the same people as the Grand Islander Hotel? Click here to book now!


Grand Islander Hotel

Put-in-Bay Hotel

The Grand Islander is comprised of about 50 newly renovated rooms. They have several options for suites as well as single and double rooms that are kept comfortably affordable. The grand Islander umbrella also encompasses Level 2, South Bass Islands hottest club, and the Splash! pool bar.

In addition to that, they also have an amazing event facility. This facility can hold anywhere from 20-600 people and is mainly used for weddings. Business conferences and speaking events are also held here frequently. Want to hold an event here? Don’t worry, you don’t have to set up at all. Niagara Event Center Staff can take care of all of that for you!