fishbowl bar

The Fish Bowl on Put-in-Bay is a favored hangout among visitors.  The building was extensively renovated, providing guests with a comfortable and cozy environment.  Moreover, the expanded deck on South side of the building affords wondrous views of downtown Put-in-Bay.

Mossbacks is directly next to the Fishbowl.  The Valentine Doller building is home to both of these establishments.  Valentine Doller is a past resident of Put-in-Bay who came to the island in the mid 1800’s.  Moreover, during his time on the island he held many positions.  Surprisingly, he was the first postmaster, the clerk of courts, a founding trustee of the Village and even the mayor. This structure that bears his name is situated on Catawba Avenue.  Also, the beautiful DeRivera Park is across the street.  Additionally, the Jet Express ferry terminal is just a short walk away.

Fish Bowl Specialities

  • Giant Beers Served in a “Fishbowl”
  • Shark Shots
  • Craft Beers
  • Specialty Cocktails
  • Fun Staff

The Fishbowl is a fun, quirky bar with a great staff.  So, be sure to stop by and say hello to Kayla.  Oftentimes, she is at the helm mixing up a variety of tasty options.  All of the fun will likely work up an appetite. Fortunately, they have a great food menu.


Ryan A: “Fish Bowl has been around for as long as I can remember visiting Put-in-Bay every year. The actual “fish bowl” drink is a staple and what I usually go there for. Small fish bowls are $12 and plenty for 1-2 people. The last couple years Kayla has been the usual bartender and she’s really awesome. Fun place that has it’s own personality, especially since they remodeled a couple years ago.”

Sarah H: “Great place to drink and dance. You can get a huge “fish bowl” to drink and share with friends. Prices were fairly reasonable. The crowd definitely ebbs and flows, but it’s a good time. They have TVs going with sports games. The DJ took requests and played mostly good songs.”

Heather K: “This place was good. Love the fish bowl drink and the food was delicious.”

Sean W: “So I came to Put-In-Bay looking for something I’ve been missing lately in my life. I found it. Fishbowl. I walk in to a great environment. Everybody in there was having the time of their lives! The bartender Kayla, was out of this world. Her personality and general aura kept the bar filled throughout my time there. In the midst of all the fun I was introduced to something you call the “world’s” best mozzarella sticks. Lemme tell you they weren’t lying! The flavor, crunch, perfection of the melted cheese. Gosh I wish I was back there just thinking about them. I met with the Chef and everything. If anything the mozzarella sticks alone are a reason to visit the island. Perfection. Life changer. enough said.”

The variety of the food menu is impressive.  Appetizer selections include Lake Erie Walleye Nuggets, Sauerkraut Balls and Potato Cakes.  Also, they have Chicken Fingers and Onion Rings to suit the younger crowd.  Dinner options include Lake Erie Walleye and Perch baskets, as well as hearty steaks.  More importantly, the menu features the legendary burgers of Mossbacks.  There are several different options. However, the only difficulty will be on choosing one!

A trip to Put-in-Bay and the Lake Erie Islands is very worthwhile. The history, charm and beauty of the island has kept visitors flocking for generations.  Moreover, guests often remark how they feel at ease while on the island.  Therefore, this is a special feeling that must be experienced.  Plan your trip today!