Put-in-Bay has many events and surprises all summer and we post this information to our blog. Be sure to stay up to date on all things Put-in-Bay as you prepare for your summer vacation or even just checking in over the winter. We strive to provide monthly updates of important island information, and sometimes just plain fun articles as well.

Put-in-Bay Pyrate Fest 07 Jun, 19

Imagine… The year is 1818 and you and your family are infamous pirates that plunder the Great Lakes. News reaches you of a Pyrate Fest that is half a days journey to the east. You hear how it is an event filled with family fun activities and other fellow pirates. You raise the sails and…

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Put-in-Bay History 02 Nov, 18

Located in the shallow western end of Lake Erie is a group of 20 or more islands rich in Put-in-Bay history. One of these, alternately called Put-in-Bay or South Bass Island, served as a base of operations for Oliver Hazard Perry. It was from the harbor called Put-in-Bay that Perry sailed to defeat the British…

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Breathtaking Footage – Tens of Thousands of Cormorants In Flight 12 Oct, 18

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you were watching an episode of Planet Earth, but this is actually amateur footage taken from the Put-in-Bay Condos on Lake Erie. Tens of thousands of cormorants skim their way across Lake Erie on their way to, well, wherever it is they’re heading. The stars of this breathtaking video…

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Put-in-Bay Historical Weekend Cancellations 07 Sep, 18

Put-in-Bay Historical Weekend – Sept 7-9, 2018 It is with a heavy heart that we announce all events at Perry’s National Monument have been cancelled due to weather this weekend. Historical Weekend at the Bay is a celebration of the Anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie. It is a celebration of history, art and…

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National Parks Bill to help Put-in-Bay 14 Jul, 18

A National Parks Service bill proposed by Sen. Rob Portman could address a $12 billion backlog of deferred maintenance at National Parks. It would bring more than $1.8 million to one of Dayton’s historical sites and millions elsewhere. Portman introduced the Restore Our Parks Act in the U.S. Senate last week, according to his office.…

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Labatt Beer – Drinking for Cleaner Water 18 Jun, 18

Labatt USA Partners with Lake Erie Waterkeeper to Promote Local Water Stewardship in Ohio This Summer Investment in local organization serves as part of Labatt USA’s larger partnership with the global Waterkeeper Alliance to protect and sustain drinkable, fishable and swimmable water Labatt USA will partner with Lake Erie Waterkeeper to further its efforts to…

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2018 Put-in-Bay Garage Sale This Weekend 14 May, 18

PUT-IN-BAY, OH – This weekend, Put-in-Bay welcomes visitors to the island to go on a “Garage Sale Treasure Hunt”! You never know what you might find from an old wooden chair to a nautical heirloom. Treasures abound at over two dozen stops on the Garage Sale Trail. The event will be held all day, from…

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Put-in-Bay Events: Think Spring! 17 Apr, 18

Time to start thinking about Put-in-Bay Events!  However, Old man Winter seems like he’ll never release his grip on the area.  Still, we are gearing up for another fantastic season on Put-In-Bay.  While the bulk of our guests come between June and August, the island has wonderful activities and events both early and late in…

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Put-in-Bay Paranormal 12 Mar, 18

Is the island normal or is Put-in-Bay Paranormal?  According to some paranormal researchers, there is convincing evidence that yes is the answer.  The following will discuss claims of other worldly visitors at three Put-in-Bay establishments: The Park Hotel, the Doller House and the Crews Nest. Put-in-Bay Paranormal: 3 Suspected Haunts Park Hotel The Park Hotel…

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Mid America Boat Show Opens January 18th w/ Put-in-Bay Night 17 Jan, 18

The Mid America Boat Show returns to the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio January 18th, 2018.  This is the largest and oldest boat show in Ohio.  Here, there are many fun and entertaining things to do and see.  Bring the family for a taste of Summer in the middle of the Winter!  Also, browse from…

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Put-in-Bay, Ohio is the Key West of the North to many so our blogs often relate to islands, lakes, travel, entertainment, and local happenings. We welcome guest blog content and would love to have you send us your ideas or articles for review and possible submission as a Put-in-Bay Online Blog post!

Quick Put-in-Bay Things To Do

Kids, adults, and seniors alike will find their own special attractions on South Bass Island. One of the best parts of it all is that all the attractions are located on an island! Some say one of the best attractions is riding the Put-in-Bay ferry boat that travels across Lake Erie (we’ve blogged about it!). Families and groups love the freedom to rent a Put-in-Bay golf cart during their visit and cruise the island attractions at their own leisurely pace. Put-in-Bay is one of the few places where you can drive a golf cart legally on the road just like a car! If you are not interested in a golf cart rental, our Put-in-Bay taxis are a great alternative to get around.

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