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Put in Bay Real Estate

Put in Bay Real Estate offers the opportunity to own a piece of the rock, South Bass Island, Ohio.  Choose from exceptional lakefront estates to income producing vacation rentals.  Regardless, being a member of such a great community will be something to cherish and be proud of.

Put-In-Bay Condo Real Estate

Real Estate

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own lakefront townhome?  The opportunity is now and the place is the PIB Condos.  Imagine waking up each morning to the sounds of the lapping waves of Lake Erie.  Then, when not used by owners, receiving a sizable rental income.  This is one of the most desired property types in Ottawa County.  Low maintenance, waterfront and new construction are primary features. read more

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Island General Store

Put in Bay island general store

The Island General Store is the island’s only full service grocery.  Here, islanders and visitors alike can choose from a wide assortment of offerings.  Fresh produce, hand cut steaks and more await hungry travelers.

Finding this store is easy.  The location is just around the corner from the downtown Put-in-Bay strip.  Moreover, the Put-in-Bay Police Department and Put-in-Bay Town Hall are directly across the street.  This corridor has seen much growth over the last ten years.  Bars such as Hooligan’s, Mojito Bay and the revamped Reel Bar are relatively new additions to the scene.  Also, the Forge Restaurant is another new dining option. read more

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425 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Park Drive Thru

park drive thru beer store

The Park Drive Thru is located in the heart of downtown on Harford Ave next to the Boathouse. The drive thru offers a good selection of beer, sodas, and miscellaneous foods with a convenient walk or drive thru atmosphere. All your Put in Bay island needs are found at the Park Drive Thru.  On the way back to the Jet Express Put in Bay, grab some drinks and snacks. They are even open late night until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays!

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198 Hartford Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, United States

Put-in-Bay Gazette

Put in Bay gazette

The Put-In-Bay Gazette is the island’s only newspaper. They have been reporting about island happenings for over 30 years.  Islanders and guests can keep up to date on all of the happenings around Put-in-Bay. Furthermore, upcoming events, important island information and more is here.

This newspaper is a monthly publication.  Inside, readers will find a plethora of content.  Writers from Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island contribute work.  Additionally, there are island students that contribute.  Another great feature is the birthday list.  Here, a compiled list of birthdays provides readers a chance to brighten someones day. read more

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Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Construction Service

put in bay airport

Put in Bay Investments is  the islands most active construction service company.  They remain involved in a great number of projects on the Lake Erie Islands.  So, for all things building on Put-in-Bay, they are the go-to resource.  There expertise in building on the islands is vast.  They have mastered the logistics of building on an island.  Moreover, they have the equipment and workforce onsite to accomplish the biggest of projects.

The services offered are vast.  These include foundations, driveways, complete builds and more.  Those interested in utilizing their services can view some of their past projects.  Additionally, the representatives from Put-in-Bay Investments would be glad to assist in the planning stages.  They are well versed in all areas of the construction process. read more

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United States Post Office

put-in-bay post office

The United States Post Office at Put-in-Bay is the lifeline to the mainland.  Here, residents can retrieve their mail from their Post Office boxes.  There are no mailboxes on the island.  The mail is not delivered to residences.  Instead, all mail must go to a post office box.

Put-in-Bay Post Office Location

Finding this location is easy.  The Post Office is located on Langram Road. Langram Road is arguably the most trafficked thoroughfare on the island. The gas station and hardware store are located on either side of the building.  The downtown Put-in-Bay area is less than a mile away.

Throughout the year, residents of the island get their mail from here.  Generally, the mail comes to the island via the Miller Ferry.  However, in the Winter months the ferry service ceases due to icing conditions.  So, the mail must find a different way to the island.  The mail traverses by airplane in the colder months.  Each day, the mail is comes from either the boat or plane and brought to the Post Office.  Then, the Postal workers sort through the mail and distribute it appropriately read more

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425 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Put-in-Bay Gas Station

Put in Bay Dynagard gas station

The Put-in-Bay Gas Station is the only place on the island to fuel up vehicles.  Here, guests can stock up on beer and snacks.  Also, they feature daily breakfast and lunch specials at the Pit Stop.  The Pit Stop is the hot food component of the gas station.

Locating the Put-in-Bay Gas Station is easy.  The location is on Langram Road, just down the street from the Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock.  The United States Post Office of Put-in-Bay and Island Hardware are next door.  Also, just look for the green dinosaur on the facade of the structure.  The gas station is also known as Dynagard, evidenced by the prehistoric logo. read more

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441 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Put-in-Bay Website Development

perrys monument reconstruction

Professional Website design is as close as a phone call away. “Design by Chuck”, the lead web development firm for the most popular island businesses, is currently accepting new clients. The lead designer, Charles K. Reed, has been developing sites for over 15 years and specializing in Put-in-Bay businesses for the past 10 years. We help businesses as diverse as transportation companies, hotels, bars, manufacturers, and entertainers. Call today for a quote on your Web presence!

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440 Loraine Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, United States

Put-in-Bay Police Department

put-in-bay police department

The Put-in-Bay Police Department serves South Bass Island.  Also, they keep order on Middle Bass. Their efforts ensure safety for everyone.

Put-in-Bay Police Department Location

They are at Put-in-Bay Town Hall on the lower level.  Here, they have offices and holding cells. Also, the dispatch department is here.  They keep tabs on the calls that come into the department.  Moreover, they are responsible for sending out help.  These include the Put-in-Bay Fire Department and the Put-in-Bay EMS.

The police force is unique.  There are year-round officers that stay on staff.  However, much of the force are new recruits. This is due to the seasonal nature.  So, each Spring a new group of officers arrives.  Oftentimes, this is a springboard for them.  Officers who were once employed on Put-in-Bay have found full time work elsewhere.  Needless to say, the experience gained is huge.  They encounter many unique situations. read more

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431 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Put-in-Bay EMS

put-in-bay ems

The Put-in-Bay EMS is responsible for providing emergency assistance. Since 1977, they have been a leader in Advanced Life Support.  Tax levies make their efforts possible.  Additionally, volunteers are part of the group.  Their efforts ensure the coffers stay full.  Moreover, their involvement shows the need for these services.

Put-in-Bay EMS Location

The location of the EMS station is on Catawba Avenue.  The Put-in-Bay School is less than a block away.  Also, the busy Put-in-Bay scene is steps away.  Most of the attractions, dining and shopping options are close by.  The location is ideal.  So, no matter the crisis, they can respond quickly. read more

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528 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, United States