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Bachelor Party on Put in Bay is the perfect last hurrah for a soon to be groom.  The island is perfect for such an event, with great activities and nightlife to make the party memorable.  Also, there are ideal places to stay for even the biggest of groups.  All of the bros can get together one last time, before another one takes the plunge.  Read on to see all you need to know to Plan a Bachelor Party on Put-In-Bay.

How to Get There?

Jet Express Put in Bay

Getting to the island is easy.  There are two Ferry Boats that service the island.  The Miller Ferry departs from the Port Clinton Catawba Dock and hauls both people and vehicles.  So, if you have a bunch of stuff and want to pack it in a car, you can bring it over to PIB.  Also, the Jet Express is an option.  The Jet runs later at night, so having to work on Friday is not an excuse not to make it!  Hop on a boat and get ready to party!

Where to Stay?

Bachelor Party Pad

When planning a Bachelor Party on the island, you may encounter a surprise.  Many of the hospitality and lodging providers prohibit such groups.  However, this is one of the most common types of groups that visit the island.  So, what to do?  Fortunately, there is a place where Bachelor Parties are not only allowed, they are welcomed, The Island Club!

The Island Club Rental Homes are the answer for size and space on the bay.  Each home has at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, BBQ grill and outdoor deck.  Also, there are golf cart rentals onsite, a BYOB outdoor pool and convenient Island Club Taxis at the ready. All of the fun and craziness of downtown Put-In-Bay is a short and fun ride away.  When the day winds down, the extra rooms are clutch when friends fall out.  The homes at the Island Club can sleep 8-12 guests and neighboring homes can be rented.  So, bring all the homies!

Where to Party?

The island of Put-In-Bay is well known for being the place to let loose.  By far the best place to hang out, dip in the pool and dance the night away is the Mr. Ed’s Entertainment Complex.  Inside, there is just so much fun all around.  Outside at the swim up bar Mist, the drinks are flowing and music blaring.  Inside, the fun never stops with bands downstairs, DJ’s upstairs at the Green Room and a chilled vibe over at the Tree Bar.  Get here with the Bachelor Party crew for an epic bash with the best in island entertainment.

What to Bring?

Swim trunks, t shirts, flip flops and a good attitude for starters.  Really though, the island is no frills and very laid back overall.  You won’t see dress codes at bars and the atmosphere is very unpretentious.  So, bring some cash, credit cards and comfy clothes to march your friend through his final days as a single person.  There is beer available for purchase on the island by the case that’s about the same cost as mainland.  Bring liquor if you want it as there is no Ohio State Liquor Store on the island.

What Else?

Well, that’s on you.  Are you the Best Man in Charge of this soon to be show?  The Resources are Here to help get a Place to Stay  a Place to Party and a Way to Get Around.  So, the time is now to get that place booked and make sure your buddy knows you want to send him off the right way.

A Bachelor Party on Put-In-Bay will be Unforgettable and something you’ll all cherish for a long time.  Hell, it might even turn into a Boys Weekend tradition!  Get to Put-In-Bay, the Bachelor Party Capital of the Midwest!