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10 Best Restaurants in Put-in-Bay Ohio – #1 Mr. Ed’s

mr eds put in bay best burger

#1 — Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grille — Upscale Bar Food in a Trendy Atmosphere

If you read our last review of Mr. Ed’s, you know that this is one of our favorite hangouts on Put-in-Bay. So it was with mild trepidation that we heard that they had completely remodeled their menu for this year and invited us in for lunch. We were lucky to show up the day they were practicing and finalizing their new menu items and got an insider peek at the new food. We’ve never left hungry before, and this trip was no exception!

The burger section of the menu is almost completely the same, luckily, but with one burger missing. The theme this year is based around their Big Chubby burger. This is the platform for all of the other burger creations, of which there are many. Past offerings ranged from adding pulled pork, to bologna, to onion rings, to chorizo. Our favorite last year was the chorizo burger. It’s official name was “The Spanish Sunrise Burger” and you may ask why such a goofy name. Chorizo (spanish) and a fried egg (sunrise) are featured, so it made more sense after you saw it. Back to the beginning… this is your platform Big Chubby burger to which they have added chorizo, albeit not a super spicy blend. It is all about the chorizo flavor and not the heat, fortunately (tastes great!) and unfortunately (I like it hot hot hot!). The burger is topped with some pepper jack cheese and a fried egg on top of that to get the cheese melty. Top this off with some spicy slaw, green chilis, and southwest sauce and you have your burger! It was a little pricey at $11.49 but trust me, it was well worth it. read more