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The Bucket Shop can be found within the walls of the World-renowned Roundhouse Bar.  Take home some Roundhouse swag to commemorate your visit with a variety of great choices. The selection is eclectic.  Items include t-shirts, hoodies, blankets, earrings, and much more.  This shop is located at the rear of the building near the back entrance.  Selections are added often, so check often to see the latest styles and items.

The Bucket Shop and Roundhouse Bar History

Since 1873, many revelers have passed through and enjoyed a libation at Put-In-Bay’s oldest watering hole.  Originally called the Columbia Restaurant, offerings included beer, wine, food, and ice cream.  Still, the origins of the Roundhouse Bar name remain unknown.  However, two theories exist.  One of the first owners, George F. Schmidt, had the nickname of Round House Smith.  However, others point to the very shape of the building that sparked the name.  Today, the Roundhouse Bar is owned by the McCann family who purchased it in the 1950s.  They painted the exterior the iconic red it is today.

Quality live entertainment is one of the most recognizable features of this establishment.  Mike “Mad Dog” Adams is one of the most prolific entertainers to ever grace the stage.  His one-man music and comedy routine has been enjoyed here for over 35 years.  This is a Put-In-Bay island experience that should be a must-do on a trip to the island.  So, for the best in live entertainment and historic ambiance, the Roundhouse Bar is the place.

Put-in-Bay Attractions and Things to Do

The unlike Middle Bass Island and Kelleys Island, South Bass Island is place for everyone. Whether you are looking for a place for bachelorette party or a family vacation destination, Put-in-Bay Ohio has it. Reaching the island is very easy. The Jet Express and the Miller Ferry are the two Put-in-Bay ferry options to reach the island. Both of which are great options. As you disembark make sure to grab an island guide. The most popular mode of transportation on the island the Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals. You can find golf cart agencies all over the island. Another great option is a Put-in-Bay taxi.

When it comes to Put-in-Bay lodging you have many options. The island offers everything from Put-in-Bay hotels to rental homes. That being said the two vacation rental options are easily the Put-in-Bay Condos and the Island Club. There is not a more beautiful place to stay on the island than the Put-in-Bay Condos. Each condo has lakeside view of the Great Lakes.

South Bass Island offers some of the best nightlife in the Midwest. Just head downtown Put-in-Bay where you will find the best bars around Derivera Park. All of which are within walking distance. These bars will rival any bar you find in Sandusky, Toledo, and even Cleveland. When it comes to nightlife Put-in-Bay is easily the best of the Lake Erie Islands.

Put-in-Bay is also a great place for a family getaway. Perry’s Family Fun Center mini golf is a must for every visit. Perry’s Cave and the Butterfly House are also great options for the young ones. Put-in-Bay Airport offers helicopter tours from which you can see Port Clinton, Catawba, and even Cedar Point. Jet skis and kayaks are also available to rent on the island. Looking for the best Put-in-Bay restaurants? Head to the Boardwalk where you find many great food options while enjoying the view of boaters coming and going from Put-in-Bay open harbor.

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is a must a for any Put-in-Bay vacation. The Civil War reenactments are some of the most popular Put-in-Bay events of the summer. Once done there head to the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society. There you can learn about Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie. Visit Put-in-Bay today!


Jenna W: “Round House is Awesome! The ambiance is very theatrical. I’ve been there several times and I especially enjoy the live music. You should look at getting Master T.C. & The Visitors to play. They rocked BIKE WEEK and have a nice following. One of the best live local bands. The staff at Round House Bar was wonderful that it made my experience even that much better. It’s now one of my favorite spots to go to. Thank you so much for making me fall in love with your place! Looking forward to seeing Tricky Dick & The CoverUps!”

Diana B: “My husband at I were on Put-In-Bay this week and went bar hopping. I must say this is one of the best places on The Island. We really enjoyed the entertainment for Christmas in July! You should look at having pop band Master T.C. & The Visitors play. They are seriously the best band we have seen around here play and would bring a really nice, fun crowd. They do all styles of music and cater to the audience. Would be very cool to see some new talent. I love how social this place is and the bartenders give amazing service. We look forward to returning! Thanks for the great weekend!”

Lawrence X: “This is the best bar on Put in Bay, especially for live music. The beer buckets are great (so you don’t have to make several trips to the bar) and the crowd is always a blast. This cool
bar is actually round and has an interesting history with pictures of the building as it was years ago hanging on the wall. You can NOT miss a visit to Roundhouse Bar when you are on the island.”

The Bucket Shop is the place to stop to find unique offerings.  Therefore, to remember the great times had at Put-In-Bay’s Roundhouse Bar, pick up a shirt or hat.  This will certainly be a conversation starter, as many people have made the pilgrimage.  There are many other shopping opportunities on Put-In-Bay.  Be sure to include the Bucket Shop on the agenda for fun, unique Roundhouse items.