Put in Bay Shirt Shack

The Maple Cottage Shirt Tales has wonderful selection of apparel for the whole family.  Wearing a shirt bearing Put-in-Bay is a sure conversation starter.  To really set yourself apart from the crowd, pick up one of their fun hats.  Be sure to stop by and check out their sales.  Oftentimes, great deals can be found from the sidewalk racks.

Maple Cottage Shirt Tales Location

The downtown Delaware Avenue strip is home to this fun sales store.  From here, shoppers are steps away from the Roundhouse Bar, Boathouse Grill and many more great Put-in-Bay Bars.  Also, the fabulous DeRivera Park is just across the street.  So, send the kids to play at the park while shopping for that perfect Put-in-Bay memento.

A list of places to shop for souvenirs:

  • Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center
  • The Country House
  • The Carriage House
  • Perry’s Cave Gift Shop
  • The Bucket Shop at the Roundhouse Bar
  • DeRivera Park

South Bass Island Clothing stores:

  • Lovella Fashion
  • Put in Bay T-shirt Shop
  • Put-in-Bay surf shop
  • Mariners Locker
  • Sunstoppers

Food related near Maple Cottage Shirt Tales:

  • Mr. Ed’s Bar
  • Frosty Bar
  • The Candy Bar
  • Dj’s Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Cafe


  • The Butterfly House
  • Wharfside

Local History

Harsh lake pollution made some people steer clear of the Lake Erie Islands, but university students and adolescents were steady coming. In the late 1970s, the water had shown improvement and proved suitable and the fishing sport became a strong attraction. The Lake Erie Islands have always been a big attraction for fishing fans and will continue to hold the reputation for being one of the best places for high quality fishing game. Put-in-Bay attracts many because of its efficient location near major areas. Whether you’re on a daily trip or staying for the summer, visitors by a Put-in-Bay ferry, car, camper, on boat, or even by plane can easily enjoy themselves with all of the sights and attractions Put-in-Bay has to offer.