The Red Moon at the Park Hotel is one of the more unique watering holes on Put-in-Bay.  Step inside, and be transformed back into the time of Prohibition.  This tavern is modeled after a speakeasy, the name of a pub that operated during the ban of alcohol.  Inside, guests can choose from a wide selection of carefully crafted cocktails.  Many of which could be found on menus of the era.

Red Moon Location

The Red Moon is located within the Park Hotel, next to the Roundhouse Bar.  They are located in the heart of it all, in the middle of downtown Put-in-Bay.  From here, guests can explore all of the great Things to Do on Put-in-Bay.


Sara S: “What an amazing cool place on Put in Bay! We thought there would never be a more sophisticated hang since Skyway closed – over stuffed couches and chairs,very 20’s & 30’s sexy red decor, (read the signs on the wall – funny) – a gorgeous huge antique wood bar, Tiffany-style lamps and the craft cocktails! The bar is staffed by extremely knowledgeable bar tenders and the cocktail list is extensive and fun!! Look for the red light on the porch of the Park Hotel – if it’s on go on in! If you are falling down drunk – stay at the Round House!”

Tammy M: “Amazing place! We were only in town for 2 evenings and spent the vast majority of night 2, at The Red Moon. The decor and atmosphere are top notch but even more than that is the bartender. He is by far THE most skilled I’ve ever encountered. What he was able to do with “make me something” was incomparable. Whatever he’s being paid is not enough by far. Part expert mixologist, part undeniable sage and a part perfect bartender. The Red Moon is NOT to be missed on any trip to the island. Oh and the music mix was amazing too! Thank you!”

Angel B: “The hidden gem on the island! This is no mere “tourist” bar. If you like Coors Light in a can, the gracious barkeep will serve you, but this is not the place for you to drink your swill. The Red Room embraces the elegance of a bygone era both in atmosphere and in hospitality. This is the perfect spot for those with a sophisticated palate who can savor and appreciate a well made drink. The bartender is not only the best mixologist I’ve ever seen, his drinks are pure artistry! I wish I found The Red Room earlier in my trip as my husband and I would have spent the majority of our evenings there. Spending time in the Red Room was definitely the high point of our stay on the island!”