LEIC Native Plant & Tree Sale

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy (LEIC) is now taking orders for native trees and plants for the islands. We are using Riverside Native Trees and Natives in Harmony for our native tree and plant sale. Buying and planting native trees and shrubs is a great way to provide quality habitat for the birds, butterflies, moths and other wildlife on the islands. We are promoting the planting of native trees and shrubs because our wildlife are adapted to feeding on these plants and using them for shelter. By planting native species, you are making your land more attractive to birds, bees, butterflies, moths and a host of other desirable species. This fundraiser will be used to support the LEIC land preservation and restoration programs!

Trees: Native trees and shrubs are for sale in 3 gallon containers. The varieties available are swamp white oak, white oak, bur oak, northern red oak, hackberry, hophornbeam, black cherry, sandbar willow, silver maple, sycamore, Kentucky Coffee Tree, and box elder. Shrubs offered are hoptree, ninebark, swamp rose, prairie rose, swamp rose mallow, buttonbush, bladdernut, and common elderberry. All these trees and shrubs are native to the islands and will thrive in this environment. They have been grown from Ohio seed stock by Riverside Native Trees in Delaware, Ohio. Order by using the order form here-can pay by credit card by calling Lisa Brohl at 419-366-2087 or send a check.

Plants: LEIC is also selling over 30 varieties of native perennial plants and flowers from Natives in Harmony from Marengo, Ohio. To order these, please call Gale at (419) 688-9800 and you can pay by credit card. This way your plants will be reserved as soon as you order!!! Natives in Harmony is very popular so order early!!

New this year are wildflower kits from Natives in Harmony. We are offering three different kits-wet sun, dry rocky and full sun kits with 16 plants each of four varieties. Also offered is a spring wildflower kit with four quarts of four varieties. Reserve yours now for spring by using the order form here-can pay by credit card by calling Lisa at 419-366-2087 or send a check.

Order forms for wildflower kits and native trees and a list of individual native plants are available at www.lakeerieislandsconservancy.org or by calling Lisa at 419-366-2087.

Beautify your yard and support the Conservancy! Orders may be placed until April 15 and we will arrange a pick up/delivery on the island in early May. For those on Middle Bass who wish to order, a pick up on Middle Bass will be set up as well.


Arbor Day at the Bay

Once again, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, has been named a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of its commitment to the goals and principles of the Arbor Day Foundation.

Put-in-Bay achieved Tree City USA recognition by meeting the program’s four requirements: a tree board, a tree-care ordinance, an annual community forestry budget, and an Arbor Day observance and proclamation.

Put-in-Bay’s Arbor Day Celebration will take place on Friday, April 30th, 2021, at 4 p.m. The Council of the Village of Put-in-Bay has allocated funds for Arbor Day expenses. On Arbor Day, a hop tree (Ptelea trifolia) will be planted at the Village Arbor Day site adjacent to the Put-in-Bay Post Office and village housing. The Commission will also plant a “Butterfly Garden” that will consist of a variety of pollinator plants that attract butterflies.

The hop tree, also known as the wafer ash, stinking ash and skunk bush, is a deciduous tree native to North America. Indians used the leaves and seeds for seasoning and medicine for a variety of ailments. In the 19th century, German immigrants in Texas used hop tree seeds in the place of hops to make beer. Thus “Hop Tree” got its common name.

The first American Arbor Day was April 10, 1872, in Nebraska City, Nebraska. This first Arbor Day was inspired by J. Sterling Morton. On that day, an estimated one million trees were planted in Nebraska.

Arbor Day translates to “tree” day from the Latin origin of the word arbor. National Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April.

Members of the Village of Put-in-Bay Tree Commission are Lisa Brohl, Kelly Faris, and Kendra Koehler.

While in years past this was a time for volunteer opportunities and community events for all ages, current CDC recommendations for COVID-19 make this year different. The Village of Put-in-Bay Tree Commission will celebrate this Arbor Day in compliance with the CDC recommendations.


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