Muffins vs. Mossbacks Historical Baseball Game

putinbay softball field

This annual match is played at the softball field on Concord Avenue next to the school and church. The Ohio Historical Society Muffins challenge the Put-in-Bay Mossbacks using the original rules of baseball. This family friendly game begins at 2:00 PM.

The local Mossbacks dress in white shirts, blue ribbon ties and blue and white ball caps from Abner Doubleday’s era and play the game without mitts. It’s a gentleman’s game with no griping, arguing or “cussin'” allowed.

The Old Tyme Baseball games are sponsored by Miller Boat Line. Miller’s also purchases hot dogs and soft drinks for the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society to sell during the event.

The games are played at the ball field on Concord Avenue. There is bleacher seating but locals recommend bringing a camp chair so you can enjoy the games from a shady spot.

Quick Info:
Put-in-Bay, OH, United States
9/8/19 - 9/8/19