new years at the bay

The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to enjoy Monte Carlo casino style gambling on this mock Boaters’ New Year’s evening. The fun takes place in downtown Put-in-Bay on Delaware Avenue from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Saturday night where they close off the street and set up the tables. All games are played with chip[s and donations go to charity.

The boaters in the Put-in-Bay harbor historically decorate for this fun festive occasion as this started as a boater tradition. Book your Put-in-Bay hotel or home rental accommodations early as this is one of the year’s most popular weekends in September!

All proceeds go to support the great work that the Chamber of Commerce does in helping the island. Bring some money, have some fun, and enjoy a lively time at Put-in-Bay Ohio for Boaters’ New Year’s! There are many refreshments available at local bars and restaurants that line the street such as Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grille.

Interesting Charity Gambling Facts

  • Gaming events such as raffles, casino or Las Vegas nights, or poker tournaments may only be conducted by a non-profit organization.
  • Casino or Las Vegas nights are regulated because they offer the opportunity to play games of chance, such as roulette, craps, blackjack and poker for a prize.
  • These gaming events may be legally operated only by a qualified nonprofit organization, and the funds must be used for specified purposes.
  • Only bona fide members of the licensed nonprofit organization may be involved in the operation of a casino or Las Vegas night.
  • The members cannot be paid for their involvement in the gaming event such as boaters’ new year’s.