put in bay miller boatline 5k run

Join more than 800 runners in the Annual Miller Boat Line 5K at Put in Bay on Saturday. This is a challenging race around the most picturesque island in Lake Erie. Miller Boat Line sponsors this 5K race and One Mile Family Fun Walk that begins and ends at the Boathouse Restaurant in downtown Put-in-Bay.

Winner trophies are very unique and true keepsakes. Race proceeds benefit Mother of Sorrows Church. Visit www.5KatPutinBay.com for registration info. This event draws visitors from many many miles around. Be sure to check the ferry schedules to make sure you get to the island in time if you are not staying overnight!

Discounted rooms for participants are offered at the Commodore Resort and may be made by calling 419-285-3101, or for great home rental deals try calling 216-898-9951 for the Island Club.

Tips for the Miller Boat Line 5k

What does 5k stand for? It is short for five kilometers.

How long is a 5k? The 5k is 3.1 miles in length or 5,000 meters.

Do you have to be a pro to run a 5k? No! The 5K is a great race for beginner and amateur runners who want to test their skills.

How long does it take to run a 5k? Beginner runners often have a goal of completing the race in under 30 minutes, or just shy of a 10-minute mile (6 MPH) pace.

How long should I train before a 5k? Set aside 8-12 weeks to train before the race.

Is it ok to walk during the Miller Boat Line 5k? Yes! There are no rules saying that you have to run the entire duration of the race.

What should I eat before the race? Right before the race, it is important to eat carbohydrates, especially quickly digestible carbs, as those are your main energy source for the run.

Do I need to wear a special race shirt? No! You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable running in on the day of the race.