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This & That

Were you among those who spotted Mayflies on the island this past month?

A big thank you goes out to everyone who came to Kelly Mohn and Rob Mohn’s benefit at Mr. Ed’s this past month. The Mohn’s suffered sever flood damage to their home from the record-setting storm in late August.

Congratulations to Patrick McCann, PIBHS Class of 2011, who recently earned accreditation by the FAA to pilot 737s for United Airlines.

Life Flight Membership Applications are available at the EMS Station and Island Hardware & Market.

Put-in-Bay School is having a pajama drive for children facing adversity. Please drop off new pajama sets to the Put-in-Bay Elementary School. The drive runs through December 1st.

It’s got to be a bit embarrassing, but two of the PIB police department’s golf carts were stolen in October. One was found on East Point and the other on Put-in-Bay Rd. near Meechen. We haven’t heard if the culprits have been caught or not.

In another incident, the culprits were caught and being prosecuted.. After being kicked out of their island lodging for being too rowdy, they stole the township’s boat and took it all the way to Toledo. We’re sure they will always remember that visit to the islands.

Worldatlas.com listed Put-in-Bay as one of the 11 cutest small towns in Ohio recently. Another website listed Put-in-Bay as one of the 14 prettiest towns in Ohio.

The Jet Express Ferry has holiday gift cards available for 2024.

Check out the ad in this issue on how to get you Goat Soup & Whiskey discount coupons for this coming year. Twenty-five dollar coupons care available for $20 each.

One of the issues on the November 7th ballot is State Issue 2 which, if passed, would allow Ohioans 21 and older to purchase and possess marijuana for recreational purposes. We wonder if there will be a place where you can buy marijuana on the island if the bill passes.

The Put-in-Bay Gazette has never endorsed any local political candidates, but since all the candidates for island positions are running unopposed, the PIB Gazette’s executive board decided to endorse everyone on the ballot: Judy Berry for Mayor, Fred Cerny and Pam Stephens for Village Council, Chris Cooper for Township Trustee, JR Domer, Billy Market and Karen Goaziou for Board of Education.

Remember when Miller Boat Line printed an island phonebook? We’d love to know how many people have given up their landlines and switched to cell service.

Chris Cooper tells us his wife Joy makes an absolutely delicious “British Bloomer Loaf.”

A big thank you goes out to all those who helped make this year’s Oktoberfest another successful event – the food vendors, the ticket takers, the decorators, the cleaners, the set up people, the musicians, etc. FYI – The crowd went through 20 kegs of beer.

We welcome Paul and Michelle Jenkins to the island. They recently purchased the airport property of Jeffrey and Janet Grantham.

The tentative last day for Joe’s Bar is November 12th (weather dependent).

It’s that time of year that ATVs will be allowed on island roadways for the next six months.

Kendra Koehler wore an old Put-in-Bay Oktoberfest sweatshirt to last month’s Oktoberfest. Linda Ostrander saw it and told her she designed the shirt back in the 90s.

Did you notice the new signs at Frosty Bar?

The Boardwalk and The Upper Deck may be closed for the winter, but their crew wants you to keep your eye on their social media for upcoming Lobster Bisque Trailer Events, Boat Shows, Job Fairs and Holiday Gift ideas!

Jason Buttrey and Amanda Singh from Subway are the newest home owners on Chapman Rd.

Put-in-Bay High School senior Emil Michael, the son of Nick Michael from the Ahoy B&B and Simona Micheal from Duff Woods, recently received news that he was accepted into the honors program at the University of Dayton. Emil, who wants to pursue civil engineering studies, is anxious to see what other acceptances will be coming his way.

Chris Krueger, the proprietor of Island Surf Shop, tells us this year’s profile of a shop lifter is 40- to 65-year-old white women. She showed us the picture of one of them who was caught. Chris thinks these people don’t need to shoplift, but do it for the thrill.

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