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PIB’s Garlic Mustard Challenge 2024

By Lisa Brohl

We had 1,313 lbs. pulled at Cooper’s Woods and SBI State Park at this year’s Garlic Mustard Challenge on Saturday morning, May 4th. EnviroScience Employees Michael Marefka, Nora Gallagher, Eric Hirsch, and Ryan Peetz were on hand to help weigh and dispose of the garlic mustard.

Michael Pucak, Paul and Laura Golaszewski and Ron Laudenslager pulled 381.19 lbs from the South Bass Island State Park that were included in this total. Thanks to the South Bass Island State Park manager Michael Pucak. for helping us with the disposal of the garlic mustard.

Susan Byrnes (110.6lbs), Sally Stuckey, Roger Parker, Caroline, Liesl and Cal Jackson, Susan Ferguson, Olive Scherf, Brian(103 lbs) and Amy Alford (80lbs), Mike Berens (79.2 lbs), Lisa Brohl, and Jessie Greene all came and pulled to help us reach our total. All received prizes for their hard work.

We came in second place this year with Stark Parks just surpassing us with 1,441 lbs. We did beat the City of Green at 600 lbs. and Portage Parks at 41 lbs.

Prizes were collected by Put-in-Bay Township Park District commissioner Kendra Koehler and were distributed by Jeff Koehler including flowers, herbs, Cameo pizza certificates and other prizes.

Thanks to all who came out and helped. It does make a difference-we can all enjoy the appendaged waterleaf bloom where we have been pulling in the woods.

However, it was one of the worst years ever for our preserve with garlic mustard-the abundant rain and early warm weather made it bolt straight up and flower early. We will have to be very vigilant and work on new strategies to get ahead of this invader.

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