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This & That

Barry Behnfeldt and Aaron Wilson’s (PIBHS Class of 1999) 48N48 flight was a huge success. Donors and sponsors of their flight that landed in each of the lower 48 states in less that 48 hours in early June helped raise $30,048.48 for Veteran’s Airlift Command, a group that provides free air transportation for wounded warriors, veterans, and their families.

Somewhere on the dollar bill-covered walls of Topsy Turvey’s there’s a $100 bill.

The new roof and cupola on Mammoth Cave building sure look great. Joe Kostura and his crew did the work.

We’d like to know the name of the street that Fox’s Den is on. Is it Conlan, Conlon or Conlen?

A thought occurred to Barry Koehler while seeing the Miller and Jet ferries together in the Bay during the recent GMA filming. A well-promoted tractor pull between the two would draw a great crowd.

Michael Naylon is a member of the Ohio Rifle State Team and was First Place State Association Smallbore Prone Champions. And Third Place Overall. Members Michael Naylon, Paul Gidion, Garald “Mouse” Weise , and Jeff Perry, Captain.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., as part of the church’s ministry here in the Islands. Volunteers are needed to help with daily opening and closing. Please speak with Fr. Bob, if you can help even one day.

It has been estimated that there are 43 deer, possibly 46, on South Bass Island. There is concern that there is not enough habitat to support that kind of a population.

Bob Gatewood has a new album. Friends-of-the-Bay is available worldwide! Stream it, download it, buy it and share it! bobgatewood.com

The 8th Annual Put in Bay Jeep Invasion made a very generous donation for the Food Pantry St. Paul’s! They’re very grateful indeed!

Did you know you can get a Cosmo Kramer at The Forge on Martini Mondays?

Those who read the Put-in-Bay Gazette are happier, more intelligent and better looking than those who don’t according to an independent study conducted by the publisher.

With record-setting heat in the south and west this summer, we sure have been comfortable here on the islands with cooler and wetter weather than normal.

Don’t forget that walkers are welcome along with the Put-in-Bay runners who meet at the DeRivera Park Gazebo every Sunday at 10 a.m. for a little jog around the islands.

According to the experts, Lake Erie’s wealth of walleye and the regular re-charging of the stock by the parade of strong hatches in recent years have led to a slower growth rate for walleye in general.

Being a kid at PIB isn’t easy. One day in July, a kid had to get up early to start swim lessons at 8 a.m. After swimming there was Nature Camp and a break for lunch which was followed by Wild Tuesday at the Nature Center. A bit later was Soccer at the softball field, followed by a pizza party. That wasn’t even the end of the day. There were still two hours of sailing lessons from 6 to 8 p.m. That didn’t leave much time for standing around on island street corners watching golf carters go by.

Here’s a new drinking game from Kelleys Island. Sit on your porch with friends and/or family and watch the golf carts go by. If someone drives by with their turn signal on while driving a golf cart you have a drink! Last one to fall out of their chair wins.

We’re dumbfounded by some of the stuff we find on the web. Here’s one that should bring a chuckle. “Crystal Cave is the perfect adults-only adventure, thanks to the cave being located in a winery!”

Speaking of the web, here’s something from a webcast. “Taryn interrupts her pool party so that I can remind her of what went down at Lucas County’s very own Ibiza…PUT IN BAY! A lawless land, except it’s not. This story has everything…loose underwear, mopeds and five dollar bills.”

Did you know that you can get bottled honey harvested on Middle Bass? It stocked at Island Grind at Lonz Winery and at the Middle Bass General Store.

Sally Duffy enjoys taking friends out to Hen Island just over the border in Canadian water to see the pelicans that live there. Hen Island is nothing more than a stone pile in the lake. Interestingly, there is a pirate flag flying from a flagpole on the island. Also to be seen is an old metal bed frame and a porcelain toilet bowl.

The island has a big celebration this year. The Put-in-Bay Telegraph Company was incorporated in 1873, with a two and seven-eighth mile cable between Catawba Point and South Bass Island.

The new flagpole at the Carillon, corner Concord and Catawba, has been installed and looks great. It is certainly fitting for the heroes of December 1983 who lost their lives in an effort to help others. Thank you Legion Post #542, Dave Frederick and Fox Stone Products for all their help.

At the end of July, a for-sale-by-owner sign went up on the vacant Crescent property.

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