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Airbnb Put in Bay | A New Era

Airbnb Put in Bay has quickly become a popular way to make lodging reservations for the island.  The ease of use and trust users have with the service, has propelled this option to the forefront.  Read on to learn more about Airbnb Put in Bay and other alternative ways to Book a Stay.  As always, we urge our guests to book direct with the provider.  Still, we want to take time to explore the OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) as many of our guests opt to use them.

Airbnb Put in Bay | The New World Order

Airbnb Put in Bay

So, what is Airbnb?  Simply put, this service connects people to people for lodging stays and experiences.  Essentially, it is a marketplace where peers can offer up lodging to travelers.  This includes a shared room, event space, entire condo and more.  The company itself does not own the real estate being rented.  Rather, they make their earnings by being the intermediary for these transactions.  They charge commissions for each of the booking the Airbnb hosts make.  Simply put, Airbnb is analogous to Uber, the popular ride-share service. read more