Things To Do In Put-In-Bay

We may be a little biased, but here at Put-in-Bay Online, we think you should come and spend some time at beautiful Put-in-Bay Ohio. And if you’ve found your way here to this page, you’re already thinking about it. But you may be wondering what exactly there is to do at Put-in-Bay. What makes this place worth spending your precious vacation time? Well, aside from the nightlife, famous all over the Midwest. And the acres and acres of incredible green spaces for the public to enjoy. And the calendar full of exciting Put-in-Bay upcoming events. Well if somehow those things aren’t enough for you, just read below about all of the amazing things to do at Put-in-Bay!

Carriage House Put-in-Bay

Carriage House

The Carriage House is one of Put-in-Bay’s largest souvenir shops.  This impressive building is very prominent in the downtown Delaware Avenue strip. The bold green façade is inviting and intriguing, so one can’t help but stroll in.  Located across the street from the Boathouse Bar and Grill, and adjacent to DeRivera Park, the location is both convenient and accessible. Carriage House is just a short walk from the Jet Express dock, so a prime location.

Inside, there is the largest and most comprehensive gift shop on Put-In-Bay.  Also, they proudly carry over 600 items that bear the Put-In-Bay name. These items vary from shot glasses, Frisbees, hats, trinkets and much more.  Additionally, they have a vast selection of collectables, toys, clothing, accessories and a variety of other items.  There is something for everyone at the Carriage House. read more

Quick Info:
160 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Cruisin Tunes

Cruisin Tunes

With a wide selection of Music from well known national acts to local island entertainers, Cruisin’ Tunes offers music, tropical clothing, and all the accessories you need to feel right at home in the Caribbean of the North! Buy some new music or discover some new clothing swag!


William R: “What a wonderful experience….inside this store are two great people and the items they carry are absolutely beautiful and affordable. Could have spent a fortune….so hard to chose. We will be back next season just to see what they have!”

Bonnell C: “I have spent a lot of hometown money at Cruisin Tunes! I cannot leave the store without a new purchase of some kind. The service is impeccable and friendly. Everyone needs to treat themselves to a visit to Cruisin Tunes! Love it.” read more

Quick Info:
260-328 Delaware Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Country House

put in bay country house

The Country House is in the heart of downtown Put-In-Bay. DeRivera Park is right across the street.  Beginning in the 1850’s, Jose DeRivera began to develop South Bass Island into the tourist destination it is today.  Special gifts line the shelves of the Carriage House.  Therefore, this shop is a must stop! Neat coffee mugs, post cards, key chains and picture frames are just a few of the wonderful offerings.  Also, Vera Bradley purses are on display, as the Country House is an authorized reseller.  More noteworthy, local authors and artists works are proudly sold. Bob Adamov, a renowned local author, has held book signings here.  Adamov has written many excellent mystery novels that are set on South Bass Island. read more

Quick Info:
246 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Crystal Cave Gift Shop


The Crystal Cave Gift Shop has spelunking and wine inspired gifts.  Inside, browse among the many varieties of Put-in-Bay wine.  Pick out a unique here from their eclectic selection.

Crystal Cave Gift Shop Location

This shop is located within Heineman’s Winery.  Heineman’s was founded in 1888 by Gustav Heineman.  He immigrated to the United States from Germany and settled on Put-in-Bay.  Today, the family continues the grape growing and wine making traditions.  They make the wine they sell!  Stop in for a taste of the islands.  For more family fun, Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center is located across the street.  Both are stops on the Put-in-Bay Tour Train trek around PIB. read more

Quick Info:
978 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States
(419) 285-2811

Del Sol

Put in Bay del sol

Del Sol is one of the most interesting shops on Put-in-Bay.  This is due to the nature of their products.  Once exposed to sunlight, their products change color in the sun.  So, stop in and get the gear that will get you noticed!

Del Sol Location

This store is located on Delaware Avenue in downtown Put-in-Bay.  Moreover, the store is within the Harbor Village complex.  Here, guests can find a fine selection of shops.  Also, there is a tasty restaurant here, the Blu Luna Ristorante.  Also, the Jet Express terminal is merely steps away.  Lastly, the Village Bakery with their fresh baked delights is just across the street. read more

Quick Info:
185 Toledo Avenue, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, United States

Dockside Gifts


Dockside Gifts offers a fine selection of options.  These choices range from apparel to fine home decor.  Also, they have cold drinks, coffee and snacks for purchase.

Dockside Gifts Location

The location is very convenient at the Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock.  This dock, located on Put-in-Bay, is the entry point for thousands of guests each year.  Nearby, guests can opt to visit the beautiful South Bass Island Lighthouse.  Just around the corner, take in the sweeping views of Lake Erie from the multi-tiered deck.  Once snacks and drinks are in hand, grab a ride from Island Club Taxi.  Generally, there are positioned in the taxi lineup across the street.  If not present, simply call 419-285-5466 for fast and friendly service. read more

Quick Info:
2190 Langram Road, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States
(419) 285-7300

Freshwater Remedies

Freshwater Remedies

Freshwater Remedies offers all natural products aimed at improving one’s wellness.  These products include organic skin and hair care products lovingly made by the owner.  Also, browse among the fine selection of essential oils.  No matter the choice, shoppers can rest assured that every item has been selected carefully.  So, stop in and boost your well-being today!  This is among the most unique Put-in-Bay Shopping experiences.

Freshwater Remedies Location

This shop is located at the Freshwater Retreat on Langram Road.  Here, guests can enjoy a comfortable stay with exceptional hosts.  Also, they offer great services like a masseuse to increase the relaxation.  The Put-in-Bay Condos are located a short distance from here.  The condos are the premier lodging choice for groups.  Here, stunning water front condos are available for rent. read more

Quick Info:
1331 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, United States
(419) 366-1036

Frosty Bar Gifts

frosty bar gifts

Frosty Bar Gifts is the place to find your Frosty’s gear.  Frosty Bar has a prime location in downtown Put-in-Bay.  Specialties include their famous pizza and icy cold beer in a chilled mug.  An island tradition, Frosty’s is a must stop for many island travelers.  Taking home a memento is ideal.

The Gifts Shop

This gift shop has gifts for all sizes and ages.  There are t shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and more.  The easily recognizable Frosty Bar logo adorns each item.  Additionally, kids sizes are available, so even the little ones can represent this local favorite.  Come and get a special reminder of an island outing.  Then, you’ll have lasting memories for the whole year. read more

Quick Info:
252 Delaware Ave, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, United States

Great Lakes Tobacconist

Great Lakes Tobacconist

The Great Lakes Tobacconist is a man known by many on the island of Put-in-Bay.  He is a man of many talents.  Each year he grows a humongous pumpkin that is on display at the yearly Oktoberfest.  Also, one of his pursuits is fine cigars.  He has carefully selected the tobaccos to create a line of Put-in-Bay inspired smokes.  Furthermore, each is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic to his specifications.  These are available for purchase at Joe’s Bar, the Boathouse, Heineman’s Winery, Mojito Bay and the Miller Marina office.

Great Lakes Tobacconist Cigars

  • The Miller Ferry
  • Heineman’s Winery
  • Island Airlines
  • Niagara
  • Monument
  • read more

    Quick Info:
    1400 Catawba Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456
    (419) 366-5681

    Jessies Jewelry

    jessies jewelry put in bay

    Jessie’s Jewelry offers hand crafted items created by a local artisan.  Jessie, the namesake, prides herself on creating truly unique pieces of jewelry art.  Therefore, a selection from this store will be a personal treasure to take home from Put-in-Bay. In addition, this will be pivotal in supporting the local culture.  South Bass Island is teeming with history and culture.  Luckily, many residents embrace this spirit.  Jessie is surely one of them.  Her fervor and passion to create this art is truly remarkable.  So, a piece from her collection could be the perfect gift for that special someone. read more

    Quick Info:
    160 Thompson Road, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, United States

    Put-in-Bay Things To Do

    When it comes to things to do at Put-in-Bay, the only problem you will have is how to get as many as possible into your vacation time! There’s so many different attractions for so many different hobbies. You could check out a history museum, play a round of golf, visit a park. Whatever your interests, and however you like to spend your free time, Put-in-Bay doesn’t just have one thing for you, it has scores!

    Shopping at Put-in-Bay

    Put-in-Bay shopping is incredible. You can literally shop until you drop! The main street downtown is loaded with all kinds of unique shops where you can buy gifts for your friends and family back home. Or just scoop up a bunch of stuff for yourself! We’re not here to judge.

    From nautical themed decorations, to Put-in-Bay branded novelty clothing, and even wine that is made, from vine to bottle, at Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island, you won’t believe all of the things that you’ll find in this shoppers’ paradise!



    Pool Bars: A Put-in-Bay Classic

    One of the things Put-in-Bay is most famous for is its pool bars. Nowhere else in the northern half of America is more synonymous with the pool Pool Barbar. When you swim up and order a cold beverage to enjoy without even leaving the pool, you’ll think you’re hanging out on South Padre Island, not in the middle of Lake Erie! This is of course for adults only, but if you are an adult, even if you aren’t a big partier, we recommend you check a pool bar out, if only for a minute, because it’s a totally unique experience you’ll likely never get again!


    Family Fun at the Bay!

    But Put-in-Bay isn’t all about the party scene, far from it. During the week Put-in-Bay is a relaxing haven for vacationers of all ages to kick back and decompress for a few days. And Put-in-Bay has all of the family activities needed to fill the time, and then some. You can also filter to only family/all-ages attractions. The one thing that every Put-in-Bay visitor of any age should do is visit the Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial and Visitor Center. This is Put-in-Bay’s most famous landmark and with good reason!


    Beautiful Lake Erie Ohio

    This is all leaving out perhaps the greatest draw of Put-in-Bay, its beautiful surrounding waters. The harbors are filled with boats, and you can join them out on the water on a jet ski, or in a paddleboard. You can also sail high above them all on a parasail!

    Or you can hop onto a charter and enjoy some of Put-in-Bay’s incredible fishing. Put-in-Bay attracts hoards of professional and amateur anglers in the spring for the Walleye spawn, which is the most abundant in the world. The catch remains great all year long so don’t fret if you’re joining us in the fall!

    There is so much to do all over the island that you will easily find a Put-in-Bay taxi to get you to and fro.

    Put-in-Bay Has It All!

    The wonderful thing about Put-in-Bay is how much variety is squeezed into our tiny little slice of heaven. Whether you’re coming to have a party, to have a relaxing getaway, to soak up the sun, catch some waves, or land the big one, Put-in-Bay is the perfect place for your summer vacation!