Put-in-Bay Shirt Shack


The Put-in-Bay Shirt Shack has wonderful selection of apparel for the whole family.  Wearing a shirt bearing Put-in-Bay is a sure conversation starter.  To really set yourself apart from the crowd, pick up one of their fun hats.  Be sure to stop by and check out their sales.  Oftentimes, great deals can be found from the sidewalk racks.

Put-in-Bay Shirt Shack Location

The downtown Delaware Avenue strip is home to the Shirt Shack.  From here, shoppers are steps away from the Roundhouse Bar, Boathouse Grill and many more great Put-in-Bay Bars.  Also, the fabulous DeRivera Park is just across the street.  So, send the kids to play at the park while shopping for that perfect Put-in-Bay memento. read more

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(419) 285-4144

Put-in-Bay Surf Shop

put-in-bay surf shop

The Put In Bay Surf Shop is teeming with the hottest styles and trends. Awaken the inner surfer and grab some gear to complete the look.  Board shorts, swim trunks, shirts and accessories are only a few of the offerings. So, be sure to include this shop on a Put-in-Bay shopping excursion.  The choices and styles are sure to delight. The location on Catawba Ave is ideal.  So, guests can access this store from anywhere in the downtown Put-in-Bay block.

Mojito Bay is just a few steps from the Put In bay Surf Shop. This unique watering hole is a sure favorite of many island visitors.  The tiki hut structure fits so well on the island.  The bar has forgone bar stools, and instead offers guests swings to sit upon.  The drink features freshly muddled mojitos.  There are numerous flavors offered, and each is carefully hand crafted.  So, guests can have a different flavor on every visit. Additionally, live entertainment adds to the tropical feel of the Mojito Bay.  Local favorites like That Ally Girl and the Flying J’s have graced the stage. read more

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444-480 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Put-in-Bay T-Shirt Shop

putinbay t-shirt shop

The Put In Bay T Shirt Shop has a fine selection of apparel and accessories.  Nearly all items bear the Put-in-Bay name.  Take home a piece of the island with one of the many designs.  Moreover, this store offers more than just t-shirts.  Blankets, towels, toys and much more are in stock.  Hartford Avenue is the location for the store.  This is just steps from the Jet Express dock in downtown Put-in-Bay.  The location is very convenient.  So, stop in today to find a treasure.

DeRivera Park is adjacent to the Put-in-Bay T Shirt Shop.  This park is the perfect place for children to play.  There are multiple play areas that are designed for all age groups.  Therefore, all kids in the party will find a place to play.  Also, there are charcoal grills and tables in the park.  Enjoy the sweeping views of Lake Erie and the bustling downtown docks.  This is a preferred spot for a lovely picnic lunch.  So, be sure to pick up some unique apparel at the Put In Bay T Shirt Shop.  Then, show off the wares frolicking in the nearby DeRivera Park. Surely, wonderful memories are waiting to be made. read more

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220 Hartford Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Shops at Compass Pointe

Shops at Compass Pointe

The Shops at Compass Pointe feature a wide selection of fine gifts, apparel and so much more.  Within the complex, there are multiple great shops.  These include Dock 421, the Little Store, Happy Holidays, Home Port and Sadies.  So, for that great Put-in-Bay Gift, stop in and peruse their lovely selection.

Shops at Compass Pointe Location

The shops are located next to Island Hardware on Langram Avenue.  The Put-in-Bay Post Office is right across the street.  Also, the majority of the best Attractions and Dining are a short jaunt away.

Quick Info:
420 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States
(419) 285-6887



Sunstoppers is located on Delaware Ave in downtown Put-in-Bay. This stand is just behind the Boathouse Bar And Grill. Here, there is a wonderful selection of sunglasses. Protect eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, while remaining stylish.  Each customer is given a personal assessment to see which glasses work best for their lifestyle.  Therefore, shoppers can expect to get a quality pair of glasses that will suit their needs perfectly.  The attention to detail and personal attention make this a great shopping experience.

While shopping at Sunstoppers, be sure to check out the fun Put-in-Bay Raceway.  This attraction is adjacent to this useful shop.  Here, participants can race RC cars around an oval track.  Challenge friends and family to a riveting race.  Be sure to pick up a pair of sun glasses to reduce the glare and improve your chances to win.  Fun in the sun! read more

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161-197 Delaware Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Waterline Shop

Waterline Shop

The Waterline Shop has lovely nautical home décor, snacks, drinks and more.  Also, guests can cool off from the Summer heat with a delicious ice cream treat.  Be sure to grab a ferry schedule for Put-In-Bay and Middle Bass Island.  Additionally, they have free coupons to use at many great island establishments.

Waterline Shop Location

This shop is located at the Miller Ferry Dock in Port Clinton, on the mainland.  Within the same building is the public restrooms for the docks. So, stop in to grab a quick snack or refreshing drink before boarding the Put-In-Bay Ferry.

Quick Info:
5174 East Water Street, Port Clinton, OH 43452
(419) 797-6641


wharfside boating shop

The Wharfside has the location for lake lovers.  Their waterfront location in downtown Put-in-Bay makes this shop very convenient.  Snacks, drinks and other pleasantries are for sale.  Also, State of Ohio Fishing Licenses are available for purchase.  Lake Erie is universally known as the Walleye Capital of the World.  Guests come to the island with hopes to catch that trophy fish.  Wharfside has tackle, bait and other accessories.  So, they are sure to satisfy all anglers.  Additionally, there is beer, cigarettes and other party supplies.  So, the convenience and location of Wharfside make it a favorite among Put-in-Bay guests.  Sail in to the Wharfside.  Sail out with all the necessities. read more

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451-483 Bayview Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

Wyland Gallery

wyland gallery

Since 1978, Wyland Galleries has been the art community’s preeminent showcase for the finest in marine life paintings, sculpture and photography. In the spirit of artist Wyland’s original vision, Wyland Galleries continues to provide the highest quality fine art, and is considered one of the world’s premiere fine art galleries, inspiring art lovers and collectors from over seventy countries. Located downtown Put-in-Bay.

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495 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Chocolate Cafe & Museum

chocolate museum

The Chocolate Cafe and Museum is one of the tastiest attractions on Put-in-Bay.  Here, guests can learn about the process of making this favorite treat.  Also, guests can browse the antique memorabilia inside the store.  Moreover, exhibits and displays are quite interesting.  Indulge in tasty chocolate and gain knowledge on the process of production.

Chocolate Cafe Location

Finding this store is easy.  The location is on Catawba Avenue, beneath The Goat Soup and Whiskey.  Furthermore, the cafe is situated between the Put-in-Bay Churches and Heineman’s Winery.  The downtown Put-in-Bay scene is about a mile away. read more

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820 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States

Heineman Winery

heinemans winery

Heineman Winery is a Put-in-Bay island tradition dating back over 125 years.  Here, guests can get a taste of the Lake Erie Islands.  Heineman’s is the only winery on the island that makes the wine they sell.

Heineman Winery History

An immigrant from Baden, Germany, Gustav Heineman founded the winery in 1888.  The optimal soil conditions made South Bass Island a hotbed for grape growing and wine production. Moreover, at this time there were many wineries on the island.  In fact, by 1900, there were 17 wine producers.  However, change was on the horizon.  After the passage of the Volstead Act, the sweeping reforms of Prohibition hit the wineries hard.  Fortunately, Heineman Winery was able to survive.  They did so by offering tours of Crystal Cave, located under the winery.  This cave boasts the World’s largest geode.  Here, guests can tour the cave.  Interestingly, the crystals were once harvested for firework production.  Consequently, the size of the cave grew over the years.  Additionally, the family sold grape juice and provided taxi service to Crystal Cave. read more

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978 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, United States